I think that this year we are still in an update stage. We try to bring attendees here a show that is rich and balanced when it comes to the technical nuances of the crypto space. For those steeped in it, it's a technical space, right? It has its own lexicon, it evolves rapidly. We take great care to place the elements in their place in such a way that they are accessible. I think it benefits the industry. If I can be quite blunt, I think, jargon, and very nuance-focused [is inaccessible] – most people aren't techies, so we have to lay the groundwork. To answer your question, I see that we're working toward more granularity, digging into the nuances, making distinctions between the different elements of the ecosystem, and really taking the membership base, as well as our attendees here at the annual meeting, for this journey. . And it's not just in this environment, it's 365 days a year. We do it tactically, as a team, as an institution.

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