Windows 11 was affected by an unfortunate bug in November that caused choppy frame rates in some games with the 22H2 update, as you may know, but Microsoft has now fully resolved the issue (after that, the remedy was rolled out during testing last month). last) .

Obviously all went smoothly with this testing process, as Bleeping Computer (opens in a new tab) reported that full patch rollout to all affected Windows 11 users was in progress. So anyone previously affected by the block Microsoft put on the 22H2 update (or backup, as the software giant likes to call it) will be able to install the update.

Microsoft notes (opens in a new tab): "This issue has been resolved in KB5020044 and the backup suspension has been removed effective December 14, 2022. Please note that if there are no other warranties affecting your device , it may take up to 48 hours before upgrading to Windows 11, version 22H2 is offered.

So while some may have had to wait a few more days for the 22H2 update to be delivered to their stuck PCs, by the time you read this it should have been offered, or ready to install if you check. on Windows Update.

Analysis: full steam ahead with security tweaks and UI quality

It's obviously good news that the full patch has been rolled out without delay, and the 22H2 update is now reaching players who were affected by this nasty bug (and it affected some apps as well, let's not forget that, even though Microsoft has never specified which ones).

These folks can now benefit from the UI refinement that 22H2 brings, including significant smoothing and changes to core UI elements in the latter case. Not to mention work on the security side, with improved phishing protection for Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, for example.

From what we can see from the reports on various online forums, it seems that there are satisfied customers who note that the fix worked for them when it comes to post-22H2 update stuttering, and these seem to be the majority (with the complaint strange still pending, although it is possible that it could be caused by other problems rather than this particular error).

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