Here at the cosori official website You can buy a wide range of oil-free fryers to prepare incredible recipes while maintaining a healthy lifestyle. What this type of appliance offers you are healthy frying with fewer calories.

The function of the air cooler is through and the use of the air heater, since it circulates at high speed through the basket, distributing the heat evenly in the appliance, the final result is a food with a crispy raw texture.

The air fryer is easy to use and is characterized by the speed with which the food is fried, and the preheating of the appliance is fast, the consumption of fried foods in this appliance reduces the risk of heart disease.

Nutritionally, to maintain the properties of food and avoid health problems, it is important to cook steamed, baked or grilled, avoiding the consumption of fried foods, but thanks to the technology of the fryer without oil, healthy crispy foods can be consumed.

How do you use a fryer without oil?

The oil-free fryer is easy to use, however, the following tips can be taken into account to obtain better crisp results in the preparation:

  • Use the recommended temperature for each food
  • Spray a minimum amount of extra virgin oil to achieve a better texture on the palate of food
  • Do not exceed the capacity of the basket when placing food so that the air can circulate evenly

In an air fryer you can cook crispy French fries, but you can also prepare other types of food such as breaded fish, chicken or meat, fried rice and even desserts such as donuts and rolls.

Discover the advantages of cooking in a fryer without oil

The advantages of cooking in a fryer without oil include:

1. – Healthy cooking

Foods that are cooked in this type of appliance do not use oil, so low-calorie preparations are obtained.

2.- Easy to clear

You just have to pass a damp cloth with neutral soap to remove excess food, then another damp cloth to remove soap residue and finally a dry one, it can also be cleaned in the dishwasher.

3.- Practical use

Includes a timer to prevent food from burning, they can be left running while other foods are being prepared.

4.- Energy efficiency

The energy consumption is lower than that of other similar appliances, including the oven.

5.- Security

Its closed structure prevents splashes that can cause skin injuries.

6.- Crunchy texture

The texture of food cooked in an air fryer is crispy to the palate.

It is worth cooking in a fryer without oil, since healthy fried foods can be prepared in a short time and with a pleasant texture, the imagination is the limit to taste succulent recipes in this type of appliance.

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