Don't look now - well, really look - or you'll have a hard time reading the rest of this article - but the Nvidia RTX 4080 graphics card has now dropped below its UK MSRP - and considerably below by one. case.

That would be at retailer AWD-IT(Opens in a new tab), which, as VideoCardz(Opens in a new tab) reports, has discounted the Palit RTX 4080 GameRock to $1,099.99, which is $99 below MSRP. UK official. As the retailer points out, it's actually a 23% discount from the previous sale price of $1,429.99, and it's ostensibly a limited-time offer (or "crunchy deal"), as AWD-IT puts it).

That's not the only sign of lower RTX 4080 prices in the UK, as overclockers have discontinued their Palit GameRock (opens in a new tab) (OmniBlack model, which is the same as above, but without lighting RGB) for €1,169.99, again below MSRP.

Also, on eBuyer (opens in a new tab), that same graphics card costs €1179,99, which is still €19 less than the recommended price.

Analysis: A positive omen for this supposed Nvidia price drop?

Is it some kind of offer initiated by Palit that is temporary? Maybe, but with a drop of a hundred ratings below MSRP, which is pretty substantial, even if it hardly makes us want to run out and buy the RTX 4080, it could be a sign of a recession. (not just in the UK, but in other parts of the world).

As you may recall, the rumor mill believes that Nvidia will apply a price drop to the RTX 4080 next week, or at least in the near future, and that already makes sense on many levels.

on December 13, which is when AMD's next-generation RDNA 3 GPUs will hit shelves, which would help ensure competitiveness in that regard, and also address the clear public perception that Nvidia charges too much for the RTX 4080 ( and the third). custom party models can be particularly ridiculous). We've also theorized about other reasons for the 4080's price drop that are indirectly related to the RTX 4070 Ti, essentially to help ensure that this GPU can be offered at a viably cheaper price than the canceled RTX 4080 12GB at launch. that it's supposed to be. pretty much the same (more on that here).

So there's plenty of good reason to believe that Nvidia could, and should, lower the RTX 4080's MSRP imminently. And this price movement in the UK represents a reasonably strong indication that this is exactly what is about to happen.

With all this in mind, it's pretty clear that anyone considering the RTX 4080 should wait a bit to see if there's an official Nvidia price drop, and maybe some other retail discounts on top of that. If this becomes the broader public perception, it will of course drive down RTX 4080 sales further and make it more likely that Nvidia will take price-cutting action, at least in theory.

Cross your fingers and while you wait, you can always entertain yourself by looking at eBay listings of scalpers who are freaking out and trying to sell RTX 4080 graphics cards they bought with the intent to jack up the prices, who give up and now realize that they may not even be able to break even, or maybe close to it. Get out those little violins now...

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