The battle between Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti and AMD RX 7900 XTX takes an unexpected turn

The battle between Nvidia RTX 4070 Ti and AMD RX 7900 XTX takes an unexpected turn

Nvidia's supposedly imminent RTX 4070 Ti appeared in a leaked benchmark on Twitter, showing the GPU outperforming AMD's RX 7900 XTX to the surprise of many, but don't fall for that idea (we'll see why in our review). . ).

The Geekbench result for the graphics card was shared by Benchleaks (as spotted by VideoCardz - opens in a new tab)) and as always with pre-launch leaks, we should note that it may not be authentic.

Unknown GPUCPU: Intel Core i7-12700 (12C 20T)Min/Max/Avg: 4472/4812/4630 MHzCodename: Alder LakeCPUID: 90672 (GenuineIntel)GPU: GeForce RTX 4070 TiAPI: Open CLScore: 214654, +50.9% torque compared to RTX 3070 VRAM: 11,99 GB December 15, 2022

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We can see the RTX 4070 Ti scoring 214 on the OpenCL test in Geekbench 654. That's 5% faster than its predecessor, as noted by VideoCardz, and 45% faster than the new RDNA flagship. 2 from AMD.

In addition, some spec details have been leaked that match previous leaks (the presence of 7680 CUDA cores, in particular, which again emphasizes that this GPU should have the full core load for the AD104 chip) and we also get a glimpse of the speed of boost here.

The latter is interesting because it's different from the leaks we've seen before, as it's pegged at 2730 MHz instead of 2610 MHz.

Analysis: Does not calculate...

A generational increase of 45% is very impressive, of course, but there are a lot of caveats here. We can't rely too much on a benchmark, especially a leak, and in this case, Geekbench OpenCL is a compute test for GPUs. What we really need are game metrics and more importantly real world benchmarks, and lots of them (because results can vary wildly from game to game when comparing different graphics cards).

As for the RTX 4070 Ti outperforming AMD's new RX 7900 XTX, that's clearly not correct. That's because Nvidia's GPUs (and drivers) are simply better at this particular compute test than AMD's cards, which underscores why you can't put too much weight on a single benchmark result.

In addition to the score itself, there's also the acceleration rate to consider, which is at odds with another recent rumor, as noted above. What we're assuming happened here is that even though the RTX 4070 Ti was boosted to 2610 MHz, in this test it was overclocked to 2730 MHz. In other words, we expect the 4070 Ti to have the same boost speed as the RTX 4080 from 12 GB canceled (it would be very strange if it was faster, after all, it is a lower level card in its new incarnation).

With more and more leaks popping up for the RTX 4070 Ti, it also suggests that the CES launch speculation is on the money, and we'll see this GPU unveiled on stage during Nvidia's keynote on January 3 (followed by their bookshelf). ). coming soon on January 5).

And regardless of performance level, gamers won't scrutinize price/performance as much, which is the most telling aspect: will the RTX 4070 Ti be good value for money? Unfortunately, we don't expect a good result at this point, but you never know...

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