Apple's online store is now down as the company is busy "doing updates" and there is "news in development" in the works, a pretty sure sign that since WWDC 2022 is taking place later today, there will be at least one new part. of hardware revealed, perhaps a shiny new MacBook Air or Mac Pro 2022.

If new hardware arrives, it's standard practice for Apple to tear down the store to rearrange things and put the new models in their place (and, in fact, remove anything that's been removed from its lineup).

If you're looking for models, Apple only removed the Apple Store during WWDC when there's new hardware.

The Apple Store didn't crash during WWDC 18, WWDC 19, WWDC 20, or WWDC 21, all the years we didn't have hardware. #WWDC22, the store is closed. We are receiving material. June 6, 2022

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With the entire store now inaccessible, of course, what we don't know is what new Apple products might be waiting behind the scenes to be revealed later today when the conference kicks off.

Historically, WWDC has been less focused on the hardware launch (although it did spoof the Mac Pro crap back in 2013), and focused firmly on the software side of the equation, which will no doubt still be today, but the fall of the store is the strongest so far. he hints that we'll at least see something in the way of a new Mac reveal.

If you'd like to watch Apple's keynote live stream later, by the way, we've got a full guide on how to do that - the tour starts at 10am PT / 1pm ET / 6pm UK time.

Analysis: Does a Pro-Like Mac Attack Look More Likely?

We've heard a lot of possibilities about what could be shown in terms of new hardware at WWDC 2022, and that includes a possible new MacBook Air, which has been one of the biggest rumors, and is already long overdue, or even a Mac mini. with M2 technology. As mentioned, there could be more than one device.

However, perhaps the most likely candidate to show up later today is a new Mac Pro. This is a developer conference, after all, so it seems more likely that a Pro model will be revealed than consumer-grade devices, perhaps once, and Apple's vice president of engineering hardware John Ternus previously teased that a reveal might be close for a revamp. Mac Pro (which was in March).

This is all speculation, of course, but it looks like we'll see something new on the Mac later, some exciting stuff...

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