You read that right: Windows 11 brings CD playback to Windows Media Player, while Notepad may work better on ARM-based PCs like the Surface Pro 4.

In an update (Opens in a new tab) being rolled out to Windows Insider Build users, allowing some to see features that may or may not be coming to Windows 11, Notepad and Media Player are seeing some features due to the user comments.

Notepad can run faster and more reliably on devices running ARM chips, such as scrolling large amounts of text, while providing better accessibility for text scaling, screen readers, etc.

Meanwhile, Media Player now features an improved screen view for large album art and the ability to sort tracks by date added, and music CDs can be played on devices running Windows 11 on which a player is installed. of CDs.

Analysis: start digging into your CD collection

Album art in Media Player on Windows 11

(Image credit: LaComparacion)

Most of us remember the days of popping a CD album into our desktops and laptops and waiting for Windows Media Player 7 to come along with its stunning visualizations.

While we've seen the return of Media Player in Windows 11, Microsoft seems to be doubling down on the nostalgia for how we used Windows in the early 2000s.

The only thing missing now are the weird skins (opens in a new tab) that you can use in the app, from a green head to a cartoon UI. But with CD playback now possible, there's always a chance we'll see them soon in Windows 11 as well, especially with the release of Sun Valley 2.

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