Apple's WWDC 2022 kicks off today, with Apple CEO Tim Cook's highly anticipated keynote address at 10:00am PDT / 6:00pm GMT.

This is an exciting time in Apple history for many reasons. This is Apple's first partially in-person Worldwide Developers Conference since 2019. While most people will watch the event and attend sessions virtually, a small group of developers, analysts, and media (including our own Lance Ulanoff and Matt Hanson) will be present at Apple Park in Cupertino, California.

As for the keynote and two-day conference, it will be packed (perhaps more than ever) with platform update announcements and surprises. We'll almost certainly hear more about iOS 16, a new iPad OS, macOS 13, watchOS 8, other Apple TV updates, probably new MacBooks, and even a new Mixed Reality headset (although it doesn't seem more likely).

iOS 16 could bring a world of changes to your iPhone with revamped stock apps, updated notifications, and permanent display support.

macOS 13 will have a cool name (many are hoping for Mammoth), but aside from more features that help it work with iPad OS and other mobile apps, we may not see many changes to the Mac desktop.

It's been a while, WWDC. (Image credit: TechRadar)

The introduction of the M2 chips, the sequel to Apple's M1, could be more interesting for fans of desktop and laptop computers. Apple Silicon is now a major player in the CPU space (desktop and mobile) and this is largely due to the amazing performance of the M1 line. Expect exciting things from M2, if it happens.

If we see an M2 chip, it has to go somewhere, and our money is on a new MacBook Air.

watchOS 8 could bring some interface tweaks and maybe even a hint of health-related features coming with the next Apple Watch, but few expect significant changes.

Perhaps the biggest story from the WWDC keynote is the realityOS glasses and Apple AR. Many now think we'll see the glasses for the first time during the keynote and learn a lot about what Apple's bespoke VR/AR platform should be for its AR glasses and potential VR headsets.

However, the latest news suggests that won't be the case, with 2023 the new date to see Apple's next big hardware leap.

Whatever happens, you've come to the right place. Just sit back and see how well our guesses match up with the reality of Apple's next development, and you don't even have to do a thing as this page updates automatically.

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