Netflix's Kaleidoscope Wants You To Be A Part Of Its Exciting Nonlinear Heist Plot

Netflix's Kaleidoscope Wants You To Be A Part Of Its Exciting Nonlinear Heist Plot

The official trailer for Netflix's Kaleidoscope is live, and the streamer wants you to solve its dramatic puzzle as part of the fun.

The latest trailer for Kaleidoscope, which you can watch below, provides more context on the plot of the upcoming Netflix series. The most compelling aspect of the crime thriller, however, is how it actively engages viewers to participate in its narrative, with audiences challenged to solve the biggest mystery before reaching the series finale.

First, check out the official Kaleidoscope trailer:

Sounds like fun, right? Well, that's just the beginning.

How? Because Kaleidoscope not only wants you to actively participate in solving the mystery behind the heist, but you also need to understand how and why it happened in a unique and non-linear order.

You see, Kaleidoscope is not your traditional detective show. When the show launches on January 1, 2023, anyone who loads it up will be assigned all eight episodes, which take place from 25 years before the heist to six months after, in a random sequence. The one thing all viewers will have in common is that the white episode (aka the day of the heist itself) is the last one they will all air.

Here is a brief description of the Kaleidoscope episodes. Remember that this is not the exact order in which you will see them. Some of you will start with Red, some of you will start with Violet, etc. :

So your job will be to figure out what happens during the heist, why certain characters make the decisions they do as they go along, and which people (if any) end up betraying their teammates based on what you see in other episodes. All the clues are provided in the show's other entries, so Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot wannabes will need to pay close attention to what's on screen, every line of dialogue spoken, and more.

We previously suggested that Kaleidoscope was an ambitious television experiment for Netflix, and the latest sneak peek at the show only bolsters our opinion on that front. We think Kaleidoscope won't be long in coming to our list of the best shows on Netflix and from what we've seen, we think there will be plenty of fans of thrillers and heists wanting to watch it. outside.

Do you need more context about its plot? Don't worry, Netflix has you covered.

"Spanning 25 years, Kaleidoscope (previously titled Jigsaw) is an all-new anthology series following a team of master thieves and their attempt to crack open a seemingly unbreakable safe for the biggest payday ever," it reads. in the official article of the series. Plot synopsis.

Loosely inspired by the true-life story in which seventy billion dollars worth of bonds went missing in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy, Kaleidoscope consists of eight episodes spanning from 24 years before the heist to 6 months after.

"The gripping crime anthology series takes a non-linear approach to storytelling, creating intrigue and suspense in unique ways, and each Netflix member has a different immersive viewing experience. All viewers will ultimately see all episodes, but the order in which they watch the episodes will affect their perspective on the story, the characters, and the questions and answers at the heart of the heist.How will you feel about the colors of Kaleidoscope?

Kaleidoscope stars Giancarlo Esposito (The Mandalorian season 3, Breaking Bad), Jai Courteney (The Suicide Squad), Paz Vega (Rambo: Last Blood), Rufus Sewell (Old), Tati Gabrielle (Uncharted, You) and Peter Mark Kendall (American). ) among others. Eric Garcia is serving as showrunner, while Russell Fine and Everardo Gout are among its many directors.

We'll be bringing you even more Kaleidoscope coverage on and around launch day, so stay with TechRadar for our thoughts on the show, as well as our exclusive chat with its cast.

Here's that all-important release date again: Kaleidoscope hits Netflix worldwide on January 1, 2023.

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