Intel is set to reveal its plans for the PC arena next week, and we hope to get some interesting nuggets of information from the chip giant.

The presentation on all things PC will be delivered via a webinar on December 16 at 7:30am PT (10:30am ET, 3:30pm UK time), with Intel spilling the beans on your datasheet. , while Tom's Hardware (opens in a new tab) reported.

This means that we will see future products that we do not yet know about, or at least information has not been officially released, although rumor mill may have already given details here and there.

Intel has struggled lately in terms of declining profits and having to announce big rationalization plans and job losses, partly due to the PC market slump this year.

Unsurprisingly, the other major topic Intel plans to fill us in on is the size of the PC market and the "growth drivers" within it, presumably with some optimism on the latter front, rather than slump misfortune. of PC sales. to which we have become accustomed in 2022.

Analysis: piecing together the CPU puzzle, maybe…

Of course, PC sales are cyclical, and we've seen significant drops in PC and laptop sales before, with the industry inevitably picking up. That being said, the potential depth of the recession and the economic chaos that is currently abounding is worrying and could lead to a longer slowdown in PC shipments; no doubt we still believe it is a danger. It should be interesting to hear what Intel has to say in terms of growth factors, of course.

As for what we might hear about future hardware from Intel, we already know that Team Blue is well on its way with its goals of introducing new processors at an "unprecedented pace" no less, because the giant gaming chips just told us that. tell.

That means next-gen Meteor Lake is still on track for 2023, but what we might get more information on is Arrow Lake, the generation after Meteor, and maybe what lies beyond- of the. It is possible that learning more sober el enfoque en los núcleos de eficiencia, it is rumored that el gran impulso con estos núcleos “pequeños” (de baja potencia) en el Raptor Lake de generación actual continuará en Meteor Lake. .

Maybe we could even see something about the rumored Raptor Lake Refresh processors that could be out next year. If Meteor Lake increases the number of efficiency cores and reduces the performance cores to 6 for better overall power efficiency, then these CPUs could represent new low-end and mid-range models, and perhaps Raptor Lake Refresh will fit in as the new top-end. . by 2023 (with the full 8 cores of course).

Or Intel could just leave the higher-end Raptor Lake models (incoming 13700K, 13900K and 13900KS) in their place, though it would be disappointing if that were to be sure. (Arrow Lake should follow up with heavy Core i9/i7 deals very soon, if that's the plan.)

Either way, we expect Intel to reveal how the CPU puzzle fits together next week, and we'll find out about plans for future generations beyond Arrow Lake. (We were told that Lunar Lake would follow next, but we know very little about that, or what might come next, of course.)

Perhaps we'll learn a bit more about what's in store for Arc GPUs, which got off to a very shaky start this year, though at least the graphics driver is finally coming together in decent shape, hopes are high for the future again.

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