Intel has announced that its Innovation event for this year will take place on September 27-28, quickly fueling speculation that this is where we could see the launch of the next-generation Raptor Lake desktop processors.

Intel Innovation is a conference where developers and the "tech elite" come together for a series of workshops, demos, and more, primarily focused on AI, cloud computing, and, well, future innovations.

It's also our "opportunity to hear about the latest releases," and as you may recall, at last year's Intel Innovation, the chip giant released new processors in the form of Alder Lake.

So the obvious expectation is that we could very well see Raptor Lake revealed at Innovation 2022, given that these next-gen processors are coming and are expected to launch at that time.

Analysis: Heading to the races with Raptor Lake in early October, then?

If you recall, the Alder Lake presentation at Intel Innovation last year was quite significant and involved showing off the flagship processor, the 12900K, overclocked (by 'Splave') and setting new records in the process (reaching 6,8 GHz ). This happened at the event that took place on October 27 and 28, and Alder Lake desktop chips went on sale on November 4, 2021 (officially, anyway, although some retailers have skipped the step a bit ).

So we can theorize that the Raptor Lake processors could be revealed on September 27 and then go on sale the first week of October. What makes this more likely is that we've seen a number of Raptor Lake rumors of late that indicate the launch is getting closer, and some of these speculations have already suggested that Intel is targeting an October launch. date for 13th generation chips; so that everything fits perfectly. That doesn't mean it will happen, of course, but there seems to be a pretty compelling argument here in our books.

If the Raptor Lake chips hit stores in early October, it could overtake AMD in terms of the next-gen release schedule. Team Red, of course, has its incoming Ryzen 7000 processors due later this year, and those processors are currently expected to launch in September as well, but that too will be an early reveal. And with talk of AMD needing to get rid of "excess" Ryzen 5000 stock ahead of Zen 4's release, if Intel plans to put it on sale in early October, Team Blue may get that first big hit. important in the battle for the next generation processors.

With many rumors circulating lately about the impressive performance improvement that Raptor Lake could introduce, at this point the main question that remains on the lips of many is perhaps: how will Intel offer the prices of the 13th generation? silicon?

The worrying rumor on the vine is that Team Blue may be looking to increase the selling prices of their chips and that could include Raptor Lake although high prices will come down with consumers pressured by inflation and rising cost of living we'll have what to see If so, sure, and we need to be very careful about taking on anything on that front.

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