It looks like there could be an answer to the Intel Arc A380 desktop GPU's rocky performance in previously leaked benchmarks if a new leak is accurate.

According to a new set of benchmarks leaked by Twitter user 0x22h and reported by VideoCardz, the A380 has a hidden feature called "Advanced Performance Optimizations" (APO) that improves GPU performance for tests like 3DMark.

We only have unofficial leaks for TimeSpy and Port Royal tests, as UL (the developers of 3DMark) just passed official tests for driver 1743.

These leaks show that on TimeSpy the A380 got a score of 5241, while with APO the score dropped to 4449, a decrease of 15%. Meanwhile, in the Port Royal ray tracing test, the score dropped by 4% after APO was disabled.

What this could mean, if true, is that Intel may have included a feature in its GPU that needs to be enabled for it to perform better. And when it's turned off, performance drops enough to lag behind other GPUs already on the market.

TechRadar has reached out to Intel for comment on the advanced performance optimization leaks, and we'll update this story when we hear from the company.

Analysis: How will Intel fare in the GPU market?

Much has been made of what Intel can do with its GPU, which seems extremely difficult given all the mishaps.

These leaked benchmarks shed new light on how Intel could hamper the A380 with the Advanced Performance Optimizations toggle feature. Perhaps that's why the previously leaked benchmarks were surprisingly low compared to other cards on the market. Figures without the feature enabled completely distort the GPU, making it much worse in terms of performance.

Worse still, the high prices of the GPU when it launches in the Chinese market and the lack of availability outside of China will further delay its global launch.

However, there is hope for improvement: Since this is a new driver, Intel should be able to fix the issues shortly. We just have to wait and see if Intel can overcome its own rocky start and gain a foothold in the GPU market with its Arc lineup.

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