I know it's been a while since Mass Effect's heyday, with over ten years since Mass Effect 3, but the series still feels like gaming royalty to me.

That's why it's even more shocking to see it free with Prime Gaming as part of Prime Day. It is not marked down, highlighted or on sale, but totally free to get a copy. It feels like a weird alternate universe where some of the best games I've ever played ended up as bonuses.

Mass Effect actually disappeared from gaming culture after the turmoil around Mass Effect: Andromeda, and that's a shame, because the Mass Effect trilogy has some of the best storytelling in gaming. In fact, aside from the hiccups in When Mass Effect 3 Ended, most of the complaints I have about the series have also faded over time, leaving only favorite narrative moments and memories from the game. Taken together, the Mass Effect trilogy is a modern classic, and Commander Shepherd, Garrus, Wrex, Tali, and the others deserve our respect and attention.

(Image credit: EA/Bioware)

If you missed something, let me explain the Mass Effect hook:

You are Commander Shepard, and Earth has just arrived on the grandest stage in a galaxy full of alien races. You are a soldier of the human army, who has the opportunity to become an elite special forces agent of various species, the first for mankind. Everything quickly turns into a veritable rat's nest of danger and betrayal. You race to save the galaxy while making all kinds of cool alien friends along the way.

Mass Effect takes everything good that Bioware can do and energizes it. The alien species and environment are deep and colorful, and the stories being told seamlessly intertwine with all the hard work of world building.

Convenience is a huge benefit of the Legendary Edition, as it packs all three games into a single launcher, along with a neat stack of additional content. And the improvements on top of that are substantial, from graphical tweaks and updates throughout the series (but especially in the first game) to the original entry getting an easier-to-control Mako and a combat facelift.

In short, Mass Effect Trilogy is better than ever in Legendary Edition, and for today, it's free, more or less. So take my advice from the bottom of my heart and don't miss a thing.

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