If you're looking to improve the sound coming from your laptop or mobile device, but don't have the money to commit to Hi-Res Audio, UK audio specialists iFi may have just the thing with their super affordable and affordable new Uno portable DAC. headphone amplifier

Touted as an "entry-level audio upgrade" for those taking their first steps to getting serious about sound quality, the Uno comes with a budget price of $79 / £79 (about AU$129 – AU$139). XNUMX).

For ceux qui découvrent le terme « DAC portable », vous n'êtes pas Seoul, mais ne vous inquiétez pas: a numeric-analog converter essentially translates a digital audio signal into an analog signal, so that you listeners or haut-parleurs can learn a sound. Every smartphone, tablet, and (almost every) computer will have one, but it's probably not the best, with poor filtering and shielding making its output noisy and distorted, while it may also be unable to provide a high-speed listening, which is where a dedicated unit like the Uno comes in.

iFi claims that the diminutive 8,8 x 2,6 x 8,1cm unit offers a more "exciting" listening experience, with the device built in to its Quad DAC+ technology and Time Domain Jitter Eliminator, found in higher models. expensive items from the company, like the excellent hip-dac.

This simple unit has a USB-C input that lets you connect to Windows PCs and Apple Macs, as well as smartphones and tablets, and the connection also serves as the device's power source, meaning no cable is required. additional.

There's a 3,5mm headphone jack that includes a switchable 6dB gain stage to match your headphones, as well as stereo RCA outputs that allow you to connect the Uno to an amplifier or powered speakers.

There's also fairly comprehensive Hi-Res Audio support, with the Uno capable of playing files up to 32-bit/384kHz, as well as out-of-the-box support for Tidal's PCM, DSD256 and MQA files. A ring of light around the volume wheel changes color depending on the input format and sample rate.

There's also a built-in equalizer setting, with three preset modes for music, movies, and gaming.

Uno should be available directly from Uno (opens in a new tab) by the first week of December.

iFi Uno DAC product back image

(Image credit: iFi)

Analysis: One could be the number one option to increase your audio budget

Since many of us use our computers and mobile devices as our primary source for listening to music, it's no surprise that dedicated DACs are becoming increasingly popular.

However, a decent DAC is usually priced high (and often in a thick frame), and while there have certainly been plenty of examples of cheap headphone amps and DACs in compact form, until now the performance boost has seldom has been significant enough to warrant having them as a plug box over what is built into your source device.

While its small size and shape are sadly still not compact enough to be conducive to on-the-go listening, iFi's track record means we have high hopes that the Uno will be a perfect companion for a desktop PC, Mac or computer. stationary. tablet and one we can't wait to pop our speakers and cans with.

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