Have you ever played a video game and said to yourself, “Hey! This guy is, of course, the digital embodiment of a three-pickle quarter pounder with bacon. »

Of course you have. Burger King Japan knows you're craving burger-iffic versions of all your favorite characters from the best RPGs and beyond, so it intends to deliver the goods.

BK Holdings has announced that its latest ad campaign - opens in a new tab - is to promote Diablo 4. None other than the Queen of Hell herself takes center stage as the face of the project, the Lilith Spicy Tomato Whopper double cheeseburger. It will be available at Burger King outlets in the region starting December 16. The searing of a burger will be joined by two other limited-time creations that are also based on Blizzard's demonic action hack n' slash series. However, all this talk about blood and hamburgers makes me want to try BK's curious matching game.

The Lilith Spicy Tomato Burger is part of the new Diablo 4 themed ad campaign

(Image credit: BK Holdings Ltd)

burger queen

While you might not be looking at Lilith, the succubus queen, and immediately thinking of hot ketchup, BK Holdings wants to pay homage to the misunderstood character. “It's a burger inspired by the wrath of Lilith, who descended on Sanctuary after being exiled for a long time due to a bloody ritual,” she said, referring to the events of the second game in the Devil series.

“This product is a special burger finished with a double flame-grilled beef patty, four slices of cheese, and a spicy tomato hot sauce,” reads the item description on Famitsu (opens in a new pestaña). The salsa in cuestión “presenta el picante moderado de los chiles y el umami del ajo”, que en realidad suena bastante delicioso.

The other burgers in the Diablo 4 Burger King collection are the Butcher Double Barbecue Cheeseburger and the Diablo Garlic Double Cheeseburger, and you can buy any of the three (or all, if you're feeling particularly crafty). ) to get a Free Lilith sticker with your order. Excuse me while I book a ticket to Tokyo.

Lady Dimitrescu in Resident Evil Village holding a long cigar

(Image credit: Capcom)(*4*)A pizza action

As I read about the whimsical, iconic burger from the BK games, I couldn't help but wonder: Which fast food items would be my favorite characters?

One of my favorite games of 2022 was Resident Evil: Village, so here's what I think three of the Four Lords would look like in pizza form. I'm going to use Pizza Hut Hong Kong's Nightmare Deals as a basis for comparison, so I hope you have a strong stomach.

  • savior moreau (Seafood Delight (opens in new tab)): Not only does this insidious creation feature a tantalizing mix of scallops, blueberries, and carrots, but the orange mayonnaise sauce adds a particularly unnerving finish that I think reflects Moreau's generally nasty demeanor . .
  • mrs dimitrescu (Cheese Scallop Offering-Opens in a new tab)): Let's face it: Alcina is a queen, so she has to have a pizza that's topped by, yes, another pizza. With five types of meat and a choice of scallops or peaches with pesto dressing, Lady D's spiritual sister pizzeria couldn't be more fun or attention-grabbing, for better or worse.
  • Charles Heisenberg (Beef Legend (opens in new tab)): Like Heisenberg's, this pizza starts strong with a base of beef, peppers, and barbecue sauce. Things start to get a little out of hand when you dig a little deeper, because just like Heisenberg's hopes of using Rose to destroy Miranda, our taste buds are sabotaged by a concoction of peach, cherries, and tartar sauce.

But what about Donna Beneviento, what pizza topping could capture the black maid and her hideous doll, Angie? All that comes to mind is that time I forgot to put a topping on the regular Tesco pizza crust. Charred on the bottom, pale and tasteless on top. It was not a good day.

Let's hope Burger King's Devilish Burgers takes off and we see a whole font of game links come out.