How to Watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK Online - Streaming from UK or Overseas

How to Watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK Online - Streaming from UK or Overseas

The library is open and mom is here! Back with more drama, makeup and lip syncing than ever before, Ru Paul's Drag Race UK is almost there. We know you don't want to miss a second of the action, so here's how to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK online.

Watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK Online - When is it on?

The new series will air on Thursday, October 3 on BBC Three at 8pm.

The new episodes air every Thursday at 8pm and will be available on BBC iPlayer.

Sissy who walks because Ru Paul's Drag Race UK is here and no one can contain their excitement, everyone is ready to see the best woman win and the rest sashay go! A fiery exploration of flirting, art and sexuality, with many taglines borrowed from the Paris documentary Burning, Ru Drag's Drag Race is so present in the world that it has decided to create a British version.

The three main judges for the series should be Alan Carr, Michelle Visage, and Andrew Garfield. Garfield himself announced in the trailer that he felt he had won a day in gay heaven by being a judge. It will certainly be a dramatic experience for the candidates, of whom 10 have been announced (more on them below).

As if that wasn't enough, last season's trailer teased guest judges to include Maisie Williams and Cheryl Cole. Basically you can't miss this, so read on to find out how to watch Ruider Drag Race UK online.


Watch Ru Paul's Drag Race online

How to watch Ru's Drag Race UK online for free in UK:

For those trying to see Ru Paul's Drag Race UK, BBC Three is the place to go. The show will run at 8pm UK time on Thursday night. BBC Three is no longer available on its Freeview channels or on its Sky tuners. You need to login or log in via iPlayer (where they will remain after the event) to watch.

Live stream of Ru Paul Drag Race UK from your country:

In addition to the UK above, we will explain the display options available in the US, Canada, and Australia, further down this page.

Did you plan a vacation at the wrong time? Did you have to take a business trip? Don't panic, you can always watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK online. This involves using a VPN to avoid the whole geolocation situation.

Which VPN is right for you? Our first choice is ExpressVPN. And how do you use that to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK? We're glad you asked...

Downloading and installing ExpressVPN allows you to change your IP address. So no matter what device you have, it's a laptop, cell phone, Roku, Fire TV USB stick, Apple TV, game console, etc., you will think your IP address will change. So even if you are in Spain, America, Australia, anywhere you will think you are in the UK.

We consider ExpressVPN to be the best because it is so simple and easy to use. It also has very fast connections and optimal security. You can try it out with a 30-day money-back guarantee or go for a better value year-round plan that offers a 49% discount and an additional 3 months free.

Once you have it open the VPN app, click 'Choose location'. to take it practically home, it is very easy to do. Once you've switched to a suitable region, simply go to your original broadcaster, and you're ready to watch all the challenges and tragedies unfolding in Paul Paul's UK Ru Paul.

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How to watch Ru Paul's Drag Race UK online in USA:

The Ru Paul Drag Race UK will be available in the US on WOW Presents Plus. It's also pretty cheap to sign up with subscriptions starting at € 3.99 a month with a FREE 30-day trial.

The only problem is that it hasn't announced when it will be available, but we expect it to launch shortly after its UK airing.

Where to see Ru Paul's Drag Race UK from anywhere else

Neither in the UK nor in the United States? Don't worry, we've been tracking other countries where you can watch Ru Paul's UK Drag Race online.

In Canada, Crave and OUTtv subscription services have taken over the rights. While it is WOW Presents Plus and Stan in Australia. But the problem is the same here as it is in the US: They haven't announced when it will be available yet, but we expect it to be released soon after in the UK. United.

If you are elsewhere, maybe on vacation abroad or in a country that is not on this list? Don't worry, you can still get a VPN and stream the show from one of the countries above.

Who are the competitors of Ru Paul's Drag Race UK?

Like the US version, Ru Paul's Drag Race UK will start with ten competitors. And now, without further ado, we introduce you to the queens:

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