With the regular season ending in just two weeks, all eyes are on the playoffs and this weekend, you can see the Chicago Bears take on the Green Bay Packers at Lambeau Field. It's a game you don't want to miss as the Bears and Packers have the longest continuous rivalry in the NFL. We're here to make sure you capture every minute of today's game - see how to get a Bears vs Packers live stream no matter where in the world you are.

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers: when and where?

The Chicago Bears will face the Green Bay Packers at more than 80,000 Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

The start time is set at 12 pm local time, that is, 1 pm ET, 10 am PT, 6 pm GMT, or 5 am AEDT on Monday.

Chicago enters today's game 7-6 after suffering a losing streak in weeks 5-9. The Bears managed to defeat the Cowboys 24-31 last Thursday thanks to a solid performance in the second quarter when wide receiver Allen Robinson scored two touchdowns and underwriter Eddy Pineiro scored a 36-yard basket. The team is currently in third place in NFC North and while they are technically still alive for the NFC North title, it is more likely a wild card spot.

Meanwhile, Green Bay is enjoying an exceptional season and the team is entering the game 10-3 today. Last Sunday, the Packers defeated the Redskins 20-15 by taking the lead early in the first quarter with ball carrier Aaron Jones and tight end Robert Tonyan, who both scored touchdowns. Green Bay's offense will have to do whatever it can to beat the Bears defense, which has lost fourth-few points in the NFL this season.

If you're a Bears fan in Chicago, a Packers fan in Green Bay, or just want to log in to watch one of the best rivalries in the NFL, we'll show you how to get a live Bears vs Packers, no matter where in the world. world you find yourself so you don't miss a single touchdown.

Watch Bears vs Packers game online from outside your country (or in a blackout)

Are you watching this game from the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia? We will tell you how to catch the NFL game later in the article.

But if you are in another part of the world, or if a coverage cut prevents you from seeing the United States, then there is always a way to stream Bears vs Packers live online (and you don't even have to). not hamper them with a grainy and illegal stream you found on Reddit). Instead, you can use a VPN, or virtual private network, to change the IP address to an address in a different state or country that has a flow. And it is not even difficult to do.

How to watch Barcelona vs Manchester United watch the Champions League

We've tested over 100 VPNs to try and pick the best one, and we think ExpressVPN is the MVP. It's fast, safe, and compatible with many devices (including Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, Xbox, PlayStation, etc.). You can even try it free for 30 days. That's why Express gets all the praise.

Sign up for ExpressVPN for 12 months and you will get 49% off the regular price and 3 additional months FREE. Excellent value for money for excellent service.

From there, you just need to open the VPN app, tap "choose location" and select the appropriate location, it's great. Easy to do. Pick any country that broadcasts an NFL live stream and it looks like you were in that country.

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How to watch the Bears vs. Packers in the United States

How to watch the Giants against the Cowboys watch the

If you live in the United States and have a television, you will be able to watch this NFL game while it airs on Fox. The network will broadcast the Bears vs Packers game today at 1pm ET / 10am PT and you can also stream this game to mobile using the Fox Sports app, but you will need to log in with your cable operator's credentials.

Don't want to pay for an expensive cable TV subscription just to watch the NFL this season? Don't worry because there are now several different streaming services, all at different prices, to help you watch this game. We've even listed some of our favorites below to make it easier for you.

Can I watch with the NFL Game Pass?

Well, it's a no and a yes. The NFL Game Pass in the United States will only allow you to watch a replay of the game, but not the live action.

Interestingly, it's another story with an International NFL Game Pass where all 256 regular season games are broadcast live… too bad you can't officially log in if you and your laptop's IP address are in the United States.

Other ways cable cutters can stream the NFL live online

Sling TV € 40 per month: Sling TV splits its live NFL options between its € 25 per month Blue plan and its € 25 per month Orange plan. By combining the two, you get a € 10 discount and access to Fox, NBC, ESPN and the NFL network.

Hulu with Live TV € 40 per month: Hulu with Live TV includes CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but does not come with the NFL Network.

FuboTV € 35 for the first month: FuboTV offers you the first month at a reduced price, but then the price increases to € 45 per month. The service includes CBS, Fox, NBC and the NFL network, but does not feature ESPN.

DirecTV Now € 50 per month - DirecTV Now includes CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN and for an additional € 5 you can add the NFL network. However, with this service, you can only watch football on local live TV channels.

YouTubeTV € 40 per month: YouTubeTV gives you access to CBS, Fox, NBC and ESPN, but as with Hulu with Live TV, there is no NFL network.

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How to stream Packers vs Bears live in the UK


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If you want to follow your favorite NFL team to the Super Bowl this year, then your first choice should be the NFL International Game Pass, as it allows you to watch every regular season game for € 143,99 or just 50p per game. !

Unfortunately, it appears that Sky Sports will not be streaming the Bears vs Packers game today, making Game Pass your best bet to watch it.

Outside the UK this weekend? If geoblocking is preventing you from watching the NFL action, you can try downloading and setting up a VPN as described earlier on the page. This will allow you to change your UK IP address and look like you are sitting at home.

Canada's flag

Get a free live stream of the NFL in Canada

How to watch Bears vs Packers broadcasts football

Although TSN will broadcast several NFL games on television in Canada this year, the network will unfortunately not broadcast today's Bears vs. Packers game.

Fortunately, the DAZN streaming service has you covered and you can even try it yourself to watch today's game online, on mobile and on your favorite streaming devices as it supports Apple TV, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV. , Roku, Xbox One and PS4. It costs € 20 a month or € 150 a year, but there is a FREE TRIAL available if you want to try watching the Bears vs Packers.

australian flag

Bears vs Packers live stream in Australia

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If you are a die-hard American football fan who even wants to watch NFL games that are not broadcast in Australia, then you must know about the International Game Pass. This is the obvious first choice that will allow you to watch all the regular season games for AUD 274.99.

You can also watch today's Bears vs Packers game on Foxtel starting at 5:00 am Monday AEDT as the network broadcasts the NFL games through ESPN. However, you will need the Foxtel sports package to watch it and you can also stream this game on mobile using the Foxtel Go app.

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