Devices such as refurbished laptops or mobiles are assigned a value based on their external appearance, the state of their internal components, and their speed.

Depending on the company that reconditions, the values ​​vary, some are identified with the first 3 letters of the alphabet (A, B, C) and others are categorized using the Regular, Good and Excellent status. In the case of this publication, the assessment will be shown: New, A+, A, A-/B+ and B-/C+.

In general, these devices are usually marketed with their accessories, including their charger. In addition, they have operating system (iOS, Windows, Linux, Mac OS, iOS, Android), not to mention that a guarantee is usually offered for them.

What are refurbished equipment?

products like refurbished iphone They are those that offer good quality for a lower cost, preserving the guarantee and without any type of risk.

These equipments reach the market because they are part of the manufacturer's surplus from that year, because they have left the catalogue, equipment that has been replaced in large companies by other more innovative and sophisticated ones, among other reasons.

By purchasing this type of product, you contribute to the conservation of the environment, since if they are not acquired they will be taken off the market and end up as scrap. These devices are not only recovered, but can also be tested.

Benefits of refurbished products

The best thing about a refurbished computer is that it provides the performance and security that a new computer would offer in most cases. However, there are other advantages when purchasing a refurbished product, such as:

  • The equipment is checked, restored and tested and, in the case of a type A +, this is all done by the manufacturer.
  • The performance is usually good as well as its aesthetic appearance, although it varies in each grade.
  • In the case of the first grades, it is customary to change the parts for original ones.
  • Almost all levels offer a guarantee, depending on the state of the product and other aspects to take into account.

The ideal is to enter the store where you plan to make your purchase to more information about its policies and other information of interest.

aesthetic grades

  • New: any equipment labeled as new, implies that it has not been used by anyone and has its original factory packaging.
  • Grade A+: This is as close to a new device as it is. The details or marks that it has are imperceptible. Mainly, the keyboard and trackpad area remain intact.
  • Grade A: Although it does not have the appearance of an A + grade, it does not look bad either, although it tends to have some marks of its own from the passing of time in areas such as the screen or the trackpad. It is the degree that second-hand equipment usually has. Its cost is quite cheap.
  • Grade A- / B+: This means that it is a team that presents characteristics of both grade A and grade B.
  • Grade B: Grade B equipment has markings that, while not exaggerated or abundant, are easily visible. That is to say, it has a state of wear superior to that of grade A. However, it is a piece of equipment that is not broken or has dents, but perhaps a few small bumps and some scratches. Its internal part corresponds to the external one, it has a marked deterioration, but it is still functional and its components only reflect the typical deterioration of the passing of time.
  • Grade B- / C+: is a terminal that shows wear that is between grade B and grade C.
  • Grade C: These computers, especially mobile devices, have scratches on the screen and on the casing. Although they work and can be used, aesthetically they are not the best, but it must be considered that their price is far from a new equipment.
  • OUTLET: Although they are fully functional devices, they have aesthetic flaws that are specified with the equipment description. In some cases they may be broken glass or plastic. The prices are usually so low that it always seems like they are on sale.
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