Full spoilers for Stranger Things Season 1 Volume 4 follow. You have been warned.

Stranger Things Season 2 Volume 4 is almost here, but, in something of a misstep on Netflix's part, a new image has spoiled the outcome of one of Volume 1's cliffhanger endings.

Released alongside five other first-look images for Stranger Things season 2 volume 4, the photograph spoils how a particular plot point unfolds after episode 7. And understandably, some fans aren't happy that the streaming giant ruined the reveal ahead of time.

We're about to dive into spoiler territory for the Stranger Things Volume 4 Season 1 finale. Turn around now or they'll spoil your surprise.


Don't pass this picture of Eddie on if you're not caught up in the show! (Image credit: Netflix)

Are you still with us? So you've clearly seen the entirety of Stranger Things Season 1 Volume 4. If not, why are you still here?

Anyway, on the image in question. One of the images, released before the return of the hugely popular Netflix series, shows the Hawkins gang, made up of Steve, Dustin, Max and other key characters, huddled around a giant book (like the Dungeons and Dragons manual). of the gang). in the trailer for Eddie Munson's father. Look to the left of the image and you will see a familiar face:

Hawkins' gang hatches a plan to stop Vecna ​​in Stranger Things season 4 volume 2

Spoiler alert: Nancy is alive and well after meeting Vecna. (Image credit: Netflix)

Yep, that's Nancy Wheeler, alive and well after her latest Upside Down tryout. Fans will remember that in the Volume 1 finale, Vecna, aka the main villain of Season 4, trapped Nancy in this creepy and dangerous alternate dimension. When we last saw Nancy, Vecna ​​was holding her captive, as was Max. it was in Episode 4, during a long exposition dump style scene where viewers learned about Vecna's true origins.

Back in the real world, Nancy was paralyzed, rolling her eyes, again, similar to how Max was during the events of Episode 4, and Steve was trying (and failing) to wake Nancy up. .

your first look at the final chapters of Stranger Things 4 pic.twitter.com/BGIKHUo88JJune 14, 2022

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Since this story thread wasn't resolved until the end of Episode 7 (also known as the end of Volume 1), fans were left in the dark about Nancy's fate. However, with the release of this particular image, Netflix removed any semblance of suspense surrounding the outcome of Nancy's encounter with Vecna. Obviously, if she is awake and helps the group hatch a plan in the real world, she will have escaped Vecna's clutches.

Of course, we don't know how he does it, but it's still an oversight on Netflix's part to spoil the surprise before Volume 2 arrives.

Unsurprisingly, some fans aren't exactly happy with Netflix's decision to release the picture. Several fans took to Twitter (opens in new tab) and Reddit (opens in new tab) to complain (opens in new tab) about the reveal (opens in new tab), though there were others happy to know (opens in a new tab). in a new tab) that Nancy survived (opens in a new tab) in advance.

Still, this seems like a strange move on Netflix's part. It's a strange decision to leave Nancy's fate up in the air, only to ruin it for the people who care about the show and its characters. It would have made sense to resolve this plot point before the end of Episode 7, mitigating the possible backlash some viewers would have about her surviving.

Of course, that doesn't mean Nancy is safe for the rest of season 4. The Duffer brothers suggested that the public was right to worry about the show's main cast members, even going so far as to tease the possibility that one or more from them. will die Get those tissues ready, fellow Stranger Things fans.

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Stranger Things Season 2 Volume 4 arrives exclusively on Netflix on Friday, July 1.

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