Google Pixel six could be considerably cheaper than iPhone thirteen

Google Pixel six could be considerably cheaper than iPhone thirteen

We've been concerned for a while that the Google Pixel 2 and Google Pixel 1 Pro could be pricey phones, with leaks and even vague comments from a Google exec pointing in that direction, but now it looks like they could be surprisingly affordable. Most of the price leaks so far have been in euros, so while adequate, they don't give us a clear idea of ​​how much the Pixel XNUMX range is going to cost in other areas. But now two sources say the cost in the US is $XNUMX (about $XNUMX / AU$XNUMX) for a XNUMX GB Pixel XNUMX and $XNUMX (about €XNUMX / AU €XNUMX) for a XNUMXGB Pixel XNUMX Pro. This claim originally came from Twitter user @EvanLeiXNUMX, who posted a photo of the shelves at Target listing these costs, asserting that store staff claimed those costs were appropriate.

Posted in #Price Target #Leak #GooglePixel6: 128GB €6 #GooglePixel128Pro: 9GB €2 These Google #Pixel XNUMX phones will launch on Tuesday. #GooglePixel XNUMX, XNUMX See More Soon after, This is Tech Today's Mr. Brandon Lee corroborated those costs, posting images of what appear to be store inventory lookup pages showing exactly the same costs. By the way, Lee also claims that Google is going to lose money on these phones. We always take these prices with a pinch of salt, especially since they seem rock-bottom, but with XNUMX sources backing them up, they may very well be accurate, especially with the Google Pixel XNUMX lineup, which is will announce on October XNUMXth. . , which is tomorrow at the time of writing this article.

Here are the corroborated costs of the #Pixel6 and #Pixel6Pro on Target's US inventory system Pixel 6: $8 Pixel XNUMX Pro: $XNUMX Google should subsidize this phone as crazy. It's nonsense. #teampixel October XNUMX, XNUMX See more

Analysis: undermine the competition

À titre de comparaison, the iPhone thirteen starts at €1 / €21 / €21 AU, donc aux États-Unis au moins, the Google Pixel XNUMX will be nettement moins cher, et même The Pixel XNUMX Pro is not that slightly more expensive. It's a similar story with the Samsung Galaxy SXNUMX, which starts at €XNUMX / €XNUMX / AU €XNUMX. Upgrade to the iPhone XNUMX Pro or Samsung Galaxy SXNUMX Plus and then you're going to pay more than the Pixel XNUMX Pro would cost at $XNUMX / $XNUMX / AU$XNUMX or $XNUMX XNUMX / €XNUMX / AU €XNUMX, respectively, and these are not yet the top-of-the-line models. In fact, those costs would mean the Google Pixel XNUMX is even cheaper than the Google Pixel XNUMX, coming in at $XNUMX / $XNUMX / AU$XNUMX. Understandably, the Pixel XNUMX will likely be phased out or drastically scaled back when the Pixel XNUMX launches. So if those costs are truly adequate, the Pixel XNUMX lineup could be remarkably affordable for what it is. Having said that, we can't be sure the UK and Australian prices are as promising as we're still using conversions for them, but with the Pixel XNUMX in a day range we should find out very soon. Via SlashGear