Google Password Manager supports this security feature.

After months of speculation, Chrome 108 appears to be rolling out a password update interface for Android users.

According to 9To5Google(Opens in a new tab), Google is replacing Android's native browser credentials list with its cross-platform Google password manager.

Some Chrome 107 users are also seeing the rollout, in which the company's own password manager takes responsibility for saved details from within the browser itself.

Google Password Manager for Android

Checking saved passwords will also be much easier, with the new menu located in Chrome's Settings menu, rather than under Google > Manage your Google account > Security > Password manager, in the Settings app. This will give the platform an advantage over Apple, with passwords accessible through various submenus in the Settings app.

To simplify password management and make it easier to identify compromised passwords, the interface follows a similar path to the interface, which can be protected by biometric data such as 'a fingerprint'.

The update was first noticed in Chrome 103, but it looks like it will take full form in version 108 which was released at the end of November 2022.

Making it easier to locate and change passwords could be a sign that Google is preparing to speed up its passwordless sign-in feature, which is still having a hard time catching on.

The main competition comes from Apple, which is also turning its attention to a passwordless future, and while the revolution is building using the same technology, it's still unclear how users will be able to transfer passwords from an iOS device to an Android device. (and vice versa), which could lock users into an operating system until a simple fix is ​​detailed.

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