If you rely on Google Maps to help you navigate while driving, maybe it's time to celebrate because Google finally fixed that annoying Android Auto dark mode issue.

Before the update was pulled, Android smartphone users might have noticed that Android Auto always loads Google Maps in dark mode. Even if your smartphone and personal settings were configured differently, you were forced to follow a dark map while traveling.

Now all the fans of light mode can look forward to the Google Maps 11.35.1 update. fixed the issue silently (via Autoevolution (opens in a new tab)). The same site also notes that Google removed an official user thread discussing the issue, possibly indicating that the issue is a thing of the past.

While the dark mode is a fairly minor inconvenience, if you're relying on the service on a long drive, the design might annoy you if you think it's ugly. Also, some users may find the light mode easier to read. Therefore, being forced into a different layout could make car travel less easy for them.

The update should automatically roll out to all Google Maps users in the next few days if it hasn't already.

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