Google Chat is finally getting less boring

Google is rolling out a new feature that will allow users of Google Chat (opens in a new tab) to automatically schedule 'Do Not Disturb', which the company hopes will provide a useful concentration boost when needed.

Until now, users could set a custom duration for their "Do Not Disturb" period. This meant they had to manually set it at lunchtime, at the end of the day, or at the start of the weekend.

Google Chat Personalized Do Not Disturb

By clicking the Active flag, Google Chat users will now have the option to “set a do not disturb time”, with support for setting multiple rules.

According to a post on the company's Workspace blog (opens in a new tab), rollout has already begun, but it may take a few weeks for some users to be able to set up custom Do Not Disturb hours.

From the start, all account types will have access to the update, including legacy Workspace and G Suite accounts (opens in a new tab), as well as personal users.

In addition, Google makes it available to a large part of its users by activating it on the web interface, Android devices, and iOS devices.

Google continually pushes product updates to maintain its place as one of the favorite communication tools in the workplace. More recently, he has taken a Slack-style approach to his threads with the introduction of comments in the feed.

Going forward, it looks like Google's focus is on optimizing Chat, Gmail (opens in a new tab), the company's popular email service (opens in a new tab), and its video conferencing platform (opens in a new tab). in a new tab), Google Meet .

It's already packed all of this in part into a new Gmail interface, because with a slowdown in the offing for hybrid and home work, Google is likely to continue to invest in its productivity tools.

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