We all know that our cats tend to be a bit fussy. They have refined tastes and do not want to drink water that has been left for too long. Petlibro's capsule can help keep them attracted to fresh, clean water that's constantly on the go, so your cat knows it's safe to drink.

The Petlibro capsule is a large capacity water fountain that is a great addition to a cat's dominance. The large bowl allows your cat to easily access the water inside, and the 2,1 liter capacity will help ensure that there is a good amount of water available for some cats, even if they are away from home frequently during longer work days. prolonged. Since the water tank is translucent, it's also easy to see when the fountain needs to be refilled.

With Petlibro Capsule your cat enjoys a better and more attractive drink. By keeping the water flowing, the capsule makes it easier for your pet to recognize that the water is there and that it is safe to drink. The water also passes through a five-layer filter to remove hair, debris, mold, and other materials that can get into the water.

Petlibro designed the container and tank with completely rounded corners to avoid areas of standing water, where bacteria could establish a breeding ground. The shape also makes it easy to clean, so mold doesn't grow.

(Image credit: Petlibro)

The capsule offers two modes of operation to help you find something to tempt your pet. It can function as a pouring fountain with a constant stream of water entering the bowl, or the fountain can spout water from the bottom while providing more space for your pet to approach the bowl.

Operation is handled by a proprietary pump that operates at an extremely low noise level, allowing you to keep it on even while you sleep.

If your cat doesn't seem to be drinking enough water, or if her water bowl never seems to be clean, the Petlibro Capsule Water Fountain is a great option to try. You can surprise your own pet with the capsule fountain as a holiday gift or it can be a great gift for a friend's pet. It is available in four colors: purple, blue, orange and green, to complement your décor. Petlibro will release an upgraded version with a stainless steel water tray this holiday season. And Petlibro Capsule is just one of the many useful tools the brand provides to make caring for your pet a breeze.

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