Genentech cracks the code for a healthy and happy workforce

Genentech cracks the code for a healthy and happy workforce

Whether it's fostering positive mental health, promoting diversity, or celebrating a culture that recognizes employee success, Genentech is cracking the code to foster a happy and healthy IT workforce.

As a leader in the biotechnology industry, Genentech invests particularly in the well-being of its own employees, taking a holistic approach that encompasses professional growth; Social welfare; and financial, physical and mental health. What stands out is Genentech's full suite of mental health benefits, including preventive care and early intervention, talk and text therapy, medication management, 25 free sessions with a mental health counselor each year for employees and their families , and a variety of Mental Health Workshops and resources.

Its wellness offerings also include free digital health tools, like the Rally app for wellness rewards; the Sleepio app to help relieve insomnia; and the Doctor on Demand program, which supports video visits to doctors and psychologists. More than 300 Genentech employees volunteer as Mental Health Champions to help support the mental well-being of their colleagues.

"We offer programs designed to support our team members through mentoring and personal training," said Charles Castaño, vice president of US IT at Genentech. "We also have a very strong wellness culture, providing psychological safety and generally looking out for each other."

Charting a path to professional success

Diversity, equity and inclusion are built into the company's DNA, both to ensure Genentech is an attractive place to work and to strengthen its ability to deliver scientific innovations and medicines that lead to better outcomes for individuals and communities. Genentech's Chief Diversity Office (CDO), established in 2020, has set a goal of doubling Black and Latino representation among directors and expanding leadership.

Other CDO initiatives include requiring inclusive hiring certification for all hiring managers and interview panels, providing unconscious bias training and racial equity and alliance workshops, and expanding the candidate pool by recruiting from non-traditional sources.

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A diverse workforce strengthens Genentech's ability to deliver scientific innovations that drive better results for people and communities.

Change sequence events are another way Genentech is working to expand its diverse hire pipeline. These recruiting events coincide with culturally significant celebrations, such as Hispanic Heritage Month or Black History Month, and offer people outside of Genentech the opportunity to meet their leaders and team members.

“It's a great way for outside talent to interact and connect with us,” says Castaño. "We talk to them and give them advice."

Career enrichment is key to employee well-being, and here Genentech has a multi-faceted plan to keep your workforce on a positive path. In addition to offering a wide range of career guidance and skills development initiatives, the CareerLab program grants employees five free 45-minute private consultations designed to help them chart a career path that aligns with their values ​​and goals. A robust mentoring program connects mentors and mentees through online profiles.

"We believe that coaching and mentoring are essential parts of professional and personal growth, and I make sure to set aside time in my schedule for these mutually beneficial learning opportunities," says Castaño.

TI's exclusive Personal Excellence Program focuses on improving soft skills through a six-month regimen of workshops, coaching and coaching sessions available to eligible employees. Managers can use instructor-led sessions called LearningLabs to learn how to best foster meaningful development conversations with team members.

“The idea is to train managers and team members on issues like resilience, vulnerability, and have the courage to speak openly about their ideas and perspectives,” explains Castaño. "It allows us to focus on the integral development of the person so that they can contribute to a prosperous, resilient, connected and supportive community."

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