Global PC shipments are expected to decline 9,5% in 2022, according to Gartner's latest forecast.

“A perfect storm of geopolitical turmoil, high inflation, currency fluctuations and supply chain disruptions has reduced demand for devices from businesses and consumers around the world and is expected to have the biggest impact on the PC market in 2022” said Ranjit Atwal, director. Gartner analyst, in comments published alongside the Gartner data.

In the EMEA region, this figure is expected to decline further, to around 14%, with a combination of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, price increases, and the unavailability of products from China due to ongoing lockdowns, leading to a slowdown in consumption. ask.

Tablet and mobile phone shipments are also expected to decline over the same period, with Gartner forecasting a drop of 9% and 7%, respectively. The 5G phone market is also expected to be hit hard by the recession, largely due to the collapse of the smartphone market in China.

Atwal said that at the beginning of the year, Greater China's 5G phone market is expected to show double-digit growth. However, the impact of China's zero-tolerance policy against COVID-19 and the resulting lockdowns have prevented large numbers of consumers from purchasing non-essential items, including 5G smartphones.

"The growth rate is significantly lower than an expected increase of 47% at the beginning of the year, with a resulting loss of 95 million 5G phone shipments," he said.

This global decline is also expected to affect chipmakers. Following the release of Q2022 XNUMX financial results in April, Intel CFO David Zimmer told analysts that restrictions on component supply were an ongoing challenge as the latest COVID lockdowns in Shanghai further increased supply chain risk and contributed to the negative impact of inflationary pressures. the computer market. .

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