Forspoken, the upcoming action RPG from Square Enix-owned developer Luminous Productions, has been delayed.

The PS5 console exclusive was originally scheduled to release on May 24, but will now release on October 11 later this year.

Luminous announced the delay in a tweet and said that they would use the additional development time to polish Forspoken to a level that meets player expectations.

"Our vision for this exciting new IP is to deliver a game world and hero that gamers around the world will want to experience for years to come, so getting it right is extremely important to us," the tweet read. ad.

"To that end, we'll be focusing all of our efforts on polishing the game over the next few months, and we hope you'll experience Frey's journey this fall."

Forspoken was first revealed in 2020 as Project Athia. Billed as a story-driven open world game that focuses on fluid traversal across fractured terrain, it follows the journey of Frey Holland, who is magically transported from her New York home to Athia's fantasy world. . .

You play as Frey as he tries to find his way home, using spells to travel the world in what Luminous describes as "magical parkour." You will also cast spells and traps to protect yourself from the many beasts and minions that have been sent to sabotage your plans.

Forspoken is coming to PS5 and PC, though it may come to Xbox platforms in the future. A trailer for upcoming PS5 games released in 2020 featured Forspoken, along with the tagline that the game "will not be available on other consoles for at least 24 months after release date." This would suggest that it could arrive on Xbox Series X/S in October 2024.

Analysis: time well spent


(Image credit: Square Enix)

No one likes to hear that one of their most anticipated games has been delayed, but more time in the development furnace is rarely a bad thing. Countless games were pulled from shelves before they were ready for full release, souring the perception of critics and gamers alike.

You only have to watch Battlefield 2042 to understand how damaging a bad build can be to a game and its franchise as a whole. Launching with a list of glitches, graphical glitches, and quality of life issues, Battlefield 2042's player base has shrunk significantly since its launch late last year, falling short of its nine-year-old predecessor, Battlefield 4.

Players eager to explore Forspoken's fluid and magical parkour can rest easy knowing its developers have had more time to iron out their problems. The debacle surrounding Cyberpunk 2077 shows all too clearly the turmoil it can cause when a game doesn't live up to its promises.

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