Firefox says it is now the most secure browser in the world

The browser wars (Opens in a new tab) may soon escalate following a bold statement from Firefox (Opens in a new tab).

The Mozilla-owned platform has declared itself the most private and secure browser (opens in a new tab) available on Windows and Mac after launching an enhanced privacy tool that offers its "strongest privacy protection yet." the date".

The company's Total Cookie Protection tool, which blocks cookies only on the site where they were created rather than tracking a user across the web, will now be available by default for Firefox users.

"Whether you're applying for a student loan, seeking treatment or advice through a health site, or browsing an online dating app, a lot of your personal information is online, and this information is leaking all over the world. the web," the company wrote in a blog post (opens in a new tab) announcing the news.

“It is an alarming reality: the possibility of your every move online being monitored, tracked and shared, and it runs contrary to the open web that we at Mozilla have striven to build. That's why we've developed Total Cookie Protection to help keep you safe online."

Total Cookie Protection was introduced in 2021 (opens in a new tab), but users had to enable it, although it is enabled every time a user activates Firefox's privacy mode.

Mozilla went on to describe how the system works, essentially creating a separate "cookie box" for each website you visit, which stays in the box. This should mean that website crawlers can no longer link your behavior across multiple sites, but simply view behavior across individual sites.

"No other website can access cookie boxes that don't belong to them and find out what other websites' cookies know about you, freeing you from invasive ads and reducing the amount of information companies collect about your subject."

Mozilla says this approach allows third-party cookies to fulfill some of its less intrusive use cases (for example, to provide accurate analytics), but it also removes the worst privacy properties, namely tracking users on the Internet. Web.

"With Total Cookie Protection in Firefox, people can enjoy better privacy and have the exceptional browsing experience they expect," the company said.

Mozilla hopes the addition will help increase its share of the global browser market, which has struggled in recent months.

Recent data from Statcounter showed Firefox in fourth place with a 3,41% market share, behind fierce rival Microsoft Edge (4,05%) and far behind long-time leaders Google Chrome (64,34%). ) and Apple's Safari (19,16%).

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