If you have no trouble falling asleep at night and get all the sleep you need, consider yourself lucky. In the meantime, the rest of us could use a little help, and bedtime podcasts are a popular tool for anyone who needs a little introduction to the arms of Morpheus.

There are several to choose from, but luckily retailer Sleepseeker has revealed the best podcasts to help you fall asleep easier. Their study (opens in a new tab) ranks the top 35 sleep podcasts using a variety of metrics, including podcast rank and score. The highest ranked podcast is Sleep With Me, with a score of 8,77, followed by Nothing Much Happens, which has a score of 8,35, and closely followed by Get Sleepy, with a score of 8,23.

The study also looked at which sleep podcasts had the most subscribers. Sleep With Me was ranked number one with over 200 Castbox subscribers, followed by Tracks to Relax with over 000 subscribers and Deep Energy Podcast with over 50. Many of these are used by insomnia sufferers, and Doctors aren't safe from insomnia either, as a TikTok doctor shares the sleep technique that solved his insomnia.

Here are the top 10 podcasts for better sleep, according to the study:

  • sleep with me
  • not much going on
  • feel sleepy
  • Somnolent
  • postpone
  • dream creek
  • deep energy
  • ways to relax
  • the sleeping library
  • deep sleep stories
  • Let's take a closer look at the top three podcasts for sleep:

    1. Sleep with me

    Screenshot of the Sleep With Me podcast website

    (Image credit: Sleep With Me)

    Launched in 2013 and hosted by Drew Ackerman, Sleep With Me is inspired by the late-night radio comedy, which Ackerman says was the only thing that helped him fall asleep from insomnia.

    It's essentially a narrative podcast, with stories inspired by Ackerman's childhood and beyond. Ackerman's tone of voice and slow pace are soothing, and what he's talking about won't stimulate your brain, giving you a better chance to relax and fall asleep. People who listen to the podcast swear that it helps them fall asleep faster.

    You can listen to Sleep With Me for free on Spotify, or you can find it on Apple Podcasts (opens in a new tab), Google Podcasts, Listen with RadioPublic, and Android.

    2. Not much happens

    Screenshot of the Nothing Much Happens podcast website

    (Image credit: Not Much Happens)

    Hosted by self-proclaimed "comfort architect" Kathryn Nicholai, Nothing Much Happens has amassed over 65 million downloads and consistently ranks in the top 1% of all podcasts worldwide. It's an adult bedtime story podcast designed to give you the opportunity to focus and relax at the end of the day, allowing you to feel good and fall asleep.

    Kathryn has years of experience as a yoga and meditation teacher, and she brings her expertise to the game by mixing storytelling with brain training methods, helping you develop better sleep habits while listening.

    Nothing Much Happens is available on Apple Podcasts (Opens in a new tab), Spotify (Opens in a new tab), Google Podcasts (Opens in a new tab), Stitcher (Opens in a new tab), and elsewhere. places (opens in a new tab). eyelash).

    3. Being sleepy

    Screenshot of the Get Sleepy podcast website

    (Image credit: Get Sleepy)

    Tom Jones (not that one) is your host and guide to dreamland on the Get Sleepy podcast. Backed by a team of writers, broadcasters, and meditation experts (plus expert sleep advice), he's the leading voice behind a podcast of completely original stories and meditations, perfectly designed to help you get a good night's sleep. night.

    Tom himself has suffered from sleep problems and knows how difficult it can be to keep your mind occupied at night, and he has learned a great deal about the art of sleep in recent years.

    Get Sleepy is available for free on Spotify (opens in a new tab), Apple Podcasts (opens in a new tab), and YouTube (opens in a new tab), and you can subscribe to a premium ad-free version here (opens in a new pestaña).

    What are sleep podcasts and do they work?

    Sleep podcasts help you feel calmer in bed, which can be tricky if experiences of insomnia, night terrors, or pain during sleep make you restless. A good sleep podcast will take your mind off worrying about falling asleep, so there's no pressure. You can also access some podcasts through your sleep tracker, depending on compatibility.

    The footage shows a couple sleeping together in bed, resting on white pillows.

    (Image credit: Getty)

    They come in a wide variety, but the most popular bedtime podcasts have narrators with low-key voices that (to put it politely) hum in the background as you sit back and relax.

    If you want more bedtime stories, meditation music and sleep sounds, we recommend one of the best sleep apps. Calm is one of our favorite apps, and as we explained in our Calm review, it's packed with sleep meditations to soothe bedtime anxiety.

    Other ways to ensure a better night's sleep

    Your bedroom makes a difference in your relationship with sleep. If you're afraid to go in because of previous sleep problems, you'll create a negative association between your bedroom and lack of sleep. A good sleep therapist can help unravel much of the psychology around this, but until then, make sure your bedroom is as cool and stress-free as possible.

    This includes choosing the best mattress for your body type and the position you are comfortable sleeping in, as this is the position you will stay in the longest. Don't have a budget for a new bed but yours lacks comfort? Try a good mattress topper instead, as they are only a fraction of the price.

    Also consider air circulation, because the cooler the air in your bedroom, the better you'll sleep. If you find white noise soothing, consider investing in a fan to make circulation a breeze. You can also leave the window open, depending on the noise and heat from outside.

    Clear away the clutter, dim the lights to a level that suits you best, and grab your best pillow with a clean pillowcase (fresh sheets help you sleep better). Then go to bed, start your sleep podcast, and enjoy this moment for yourself.

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