Realme has been quite busy churning out themed derivatives of its latest Android phone, the Realme GT Neo 3, with Naruto and Dragonball Z versions already released. However, a remake inspired by the latest Marvel movie is a little less impressive.

There's a new version inspired by the latest in the long line of Marvel movies, Thor: Love and Thunder, which has been released in India. It's unclear if it will go on sale elsewhere, but some of the other themed builds will also launch in Europe (though not the US, Realme doesn't sell its phones there).

You probably already know what's in the box, because you've already scrolled through the image of the "Realme GT Neo 3 150W Thor Love and Thunder Limited Edition" as they call it. You get a Nitro Blue version of the phone along with themed stickers, cards, badges, and SIM removal tool.

Out of all the phones, the Realme GT Neo 3 is perhaps the best option to be inspired by the God of Thunder as it charges at lightning speeds. It has a 150W power supply that takes the phone from empty to full in just 15 minutes; At the time of writing, there is no faster charging phone on the market.

So maybe this Thor phone will appeal to Marvel fans… but as far as mobile links go, it's pretty weak.

Analysis: Not exactly a great review

Sometimes when we see pop culture versions of Android phones, they have interesting redesigns: the Naruto version of the Realme GT Neo 3 was bright orange and blue, for example.

The Realme GT Neo 3, with the Naturo version on the left. (Image credit: Carlos Pedros)

So what's so special about the Thor: Love and Thunder version? Uh – absolutely nothing. The phone included in the package is the Nitro Blue, which is already available for sale.

Not only is it a bit lazy on Realme's part, but it's also not good for Thor fans. The new design has nothing to do with the new Marvel movie, it's literally a racing stripe on the back.

It's not the only time we've seen lazy links, but it's certainly a shame for fans of Thor: Love and Thunder. Don't expect to see this on our list of the weirdest phones of the year.

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