This Limited Edition Casio G-Shock Watch Is Retro-Cool And "Indestructible"

This Limited Edition Casio G-Shock Watch Is Retro-Cool And "Indestructible"

Casio has launched a special edition G-Shock watch in collaboration with British workwear brand MC Overalls, which specializes in rugged, practical workwear with a colorful twist.

As reported by G-Central, the DW-5600MCO-1ER watch puts a 1980s-inspired spin on the classic square-faced DW-5600BB, with a solid black case and primary color printed strap. Casio says the dots and stripes on the strap were inspired by the rivets on the original MC Overalls jumpsuit, which was first sold in 1908.

The company describes the watch as "indestructible". It's water resistant to 200 meters and features the G-Shock Hollow Core Guard, which protects its internal components from bumps and drops. The face is covered with tempered mineral glass to resist scratches.

Unlike the G-Squad Pro released last year, it's a conventional digital watch rather than a smartwatch, with tools including a multi-function alarm with flashing LED, countdown timer and stopwatch.

It will be available in the UK from March 25 at a price of €119 (about £160 / AU$210). It comes with an exclusive MC Overalls patch and the option to purchase a special G-Shock x MC Overalls t-shirt if you pick up the watch at the G-Shock store in Carnaby Street, London. You'll need to move quickly to get one though, as only 300 will be sold.

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The release follows Casio's collaboration with Indonesian fashion brand Paradise Youth Club, which resulted in a retro-style watch brimming with 1990s nostalgia. The limited edition DW-6900 was based on the original model, released in 1995, which was the first to feature an electroluminescent backlight.

With the '90s still in vogue, we wouldn't be surprised to see more old-school G-Shock watches making their way onto fashion wrists in the coming months.

Casio G-Shock DW-5600MCO-1ER

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Analysis: toughness matters

MC Overalls' colorful bibs and Casio G-Shock watches have one thing in common: they're built to last, and that's important. Whether it's a piece of clothing or a watch, manufacturing goods uses a lot of resources and generates a significant amount of carbon dioxide, so the longer you can continue to use what you already have, the better. companies seem to be taking notice.

While slim and dainty smartwatches definitely have appeal, we're seeing more and more companies come out with tougher wearables that will take really hard knocks. The Garmin Instinct 2, Amazfit T-Rex Pro, and Coros Vertix 2 are just a few of the sports watches that take inspiration from the G-Shock line and forego slim cases for something much more durable. Ultimately, this could mean less frequent replacements, shorter production runs, and fewer emissions.

There are even rumors that a rugged Apple Watch designed for extreme sports could be on the cards, which would be a huge change of pace for a company that has made slimming down its top priority since Steve Jobs dropped the first Macbook Air in an envelope. from manila in 2009.

The new DW-5600MCO-1ER is definitely fashion-oriented, but keeping the watch face simple was a smart move and hopefully means this is a watch you'll continue to wear for many years to come.