Sci-fi is one of the lesser-sung subgenres in horror gaming, at least when compared to the wealth of zombie-infested titles. However, those numbers will increase in 2023, when the little gray men come to town.

Refugium Games' trailer for upcoming survival horror game Greyhill Incident shows an early 90s United States plagued by an alien invasion, wiping out "most" of the aliens while setting the scene here on earth.

It will have to rival the reboots of some of the best horror games, with Resident Evil 4 scheduled to release in March 2023. But if the Greyhill Incident trailer is any good, we should prepare for a rather unique experience at the outset. Days of Refugium Title.

radiate me

You play as Ryan Baker, and according to the Greyhill Incident Steam page (opens in a new tab), he's a regular guy from early '90s America. As others explore the conspiracy theories espoused by the post-Cold War media, Ryan soon realizes that he and his Greyhill neighbors are at the center of a much bigger and deadlier lie than anyone had imagined. .

"Equipped with a baseball bat and a few bullets in his revolver, the story takes you through the atmospheric neighborhood of Greyhill, which is overrun by UFOs and gray aliens," the synopsis reads.

Coming to both PC and console, Greyhill Incident seems to have plenty of logic puzzles. You are expected to search for items and solve them if you want to reunite with your neighbors to fight for your survival amid the alien invasion of your once peaceful town.

The aliens in question are curious little gray men. Little is the keyword here; Combine his diminutive stature with those stereotypical almond-shaped eyes and nostrils, and one of them looks pretty comical on its own. It's when they start to approach en masse that the fear really sets in.

The trailer doesn't show as many examples of the fight as the incapacitation and then flight of these grey-skinned visitors. It could be that the Greyhill Incident features an element of defenselessness, using cloaking mechanisms instead of gunfire as seen in the Amnesia games (although this may change in Amnesia: The Bunker, where the protagonist will be armed with a gun).

2023 is a year that already seems stacked when it comes to survival horror, so Greyhill Incident won't be alone. With the Dead Space remake and Killer Klowns From Outer Space also ticking the sci-fi boxes, we can't wait to see how Refugium's maiden voyage stacks up against items already on our wish lists.

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