This PS Plus Premium feature further enhances your

PS Plus Premium and PS Plus Extra subscribers have noticed a useful new feature that adds new features to their console's wish list, making it significantly more useful than ever.

If you're subscribed to the new PS Plus service with the highest Extra or Premium levels, you'll get a notification when games from your PS5 wish list hit the service. This will potentially prevent you from buying the game outright when it can be downloaded at no additional cost (thanks, Push Square (opens in a new tab)).

The new PS Plus subscription service launched in the US just a few days ago, with Sony revealing the full list of PS Plus Premium games on its official website to coincide with the launch. There's a lot to see, from PS1 to PS4, and this new wishlist notification reinforces Sony's desire to add more games to the service with future updates.

A welcome wish list update

Similar to other popular gaming platforms like Steam, the PS5 Wish List is great for letting you know when a game you're interested in is on sale. Since many of the best PS5 games are slightly more expensive than previous generations, it's especially valuable to know when the games were released.

In that sense, this new wish list feature isn't that different from telling you about discounts. Essentially, you're also now notified when you can access a wishlist game without having to pay, via PS Plus Premium or PS Plus Extra.

Of course, this update will only apply to games that have existing pages on the PlayStation Store. There will surely be cases where older PS1 and PSP games are added, for example. In that case, your best option will be to check PS Plus Premium directly to see newly added games, similar to Xbox Game Pass.

We've been impressed with the variety of games on PS Plus Premium so far. PS5 hits like Demon's Souls and Returnal are available to download and play, along with a variety of old-school favorites like Ape Escape and Everybody's Golf. Let's hope Sony doesn't slack off any time soon, especially when it comes to preserving the PlayStation classics of yesteryear.

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