If, like this writer, your Google TV recommendations have been affected by your child's viewing habits, the good news is that your next suggested show to watch is probably something more appropriate than Puppy Dog Pals or Blippi.

Much to the relief of parents and housemates, Google TV is finally offering multiple user profiles in a free update.

The software update now allows each member of a household to have their own profile, meaning each person will receive relevant recommendations based on their previous individual view of that profile.

It is one of the most requested features by users and was originally announced to be added to the platform in October last year, only to be discontinued a few months later.

While I was waiting, Google added profiles for kids, but today's update finally brought the platform in line with Netflix and Disney Plus, which have offered multiple user profiles since launch if you're using their apps.

Users with compatible devices should keep an eye out for firmware updates available in the coming weeks, which should include the feature, as Chromecast owners with the Google TV dongle have already received the update within the last 24 hours.

Google TV user profiles

You can switch between Google TV profiles and make sure you get the suggestions you really want. (Image credit: Google)

When Google TV was announced as the de facto replacement for the venerable Android TV, smart recommendations were touted as one of the main features of the new platform.

When working properly, Google TV Smart Recommendations have the ability to show a show or movie you may not have heard of or considered before.

But far from offering smarter suggestions, the lack of multiple user accounts meant that many users of Google TV-enabled devices had to accept annoying viewing advice, with some suggested TV shows and movies that were completely inappropriate.

It was probably a great source of frustration and surprise for many users that it took so long to roll out an update that correctly fixes the problem, but the new update is welcome nonetheless, especially for those with decision paralysis and endless Netflix scrolling when searching. an evening of entertainment.