Apple Watch users (at least those with Apple Watch Series 4 or later) are about to get a whole host of new features as watchOS9.2 rolls out and is now available to download.

This free update to the latest version of Apple's portable operating system includes a host of new features, including updated training algorithms, fixes for some existing bugs, and a new Race Route tool for runners, cyclists, and wheelchair athletes who they wear one of our best Apple Watches. tickets. We'll show you how to get the new features in a bit, but first, let's go through the list of available features.

The Race Route tool is the watchOS9.2 version of Garmin's Pace Pro tool, or the "ghost" character from Mario Kart that replicates your previous performance on the track, allowing you to race against your previous times. This allows you to compete with your previous performance by selecting outdoor running, outdoor cycling, and outdoor wheelchair exercises.

Why would you want that? Well, if you're training for an event, it's a great way to push yourself in the same direction every time, as your watch regularly informs you if you're behind or ahead of your previous time. Let's go!

There's also a new custom Kickboxing algorithm in the Workout app for "more accurate measurements." Kickboxing has already been grouped with the "Other" aerobic training type in Apple Watch training profiles, and this is measured in the same basic language as the other disciplines: heart rate, calories burned, etc. As a former kickboxer myself, I'm excited to see if the new update includes any specialized metrics suitable for bag training or even a workout, like the ability to distinguish "rounds." I will try it at the first opportunity.

Your Apple Watch, among a host of other fixes and fixes, will also stop interrupting you with notifications during mindfulness sessions, which is good to hear. The full list of changes can be found below, as seen on (Opens in a new tab):

  • Race Route lets you race against previous times and paces when you select Outdoor Run, Outdoor Cycle, and Outdoor Wheelchair Workouts.
  • The Workout app's kickboxing algorithm is said to provide "more accurate" measurements.
  • The Noise app, which displays ambient noise levels, is now available with first-generation AirPods Pro and AirPods Max when using active noise cancellation.
  • Family Setup users can be invited to the Home app to control HomePod speakers, unlock doors with house keys in Wallet, and use accessories.
  • Accessibility support for the hearing impaired to see when using Siren on Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Gesture controls for AssistiveTouch and Quick Actions improve accuracy and response times.
  • Collision detection has been further optimized to support Apple Watch (Apple Watch Ultra, Apple Watch Series 8, and Apple Watch SE 2).
  • Fixed a bug that caused the wrong display time to be displayed immediately after clearing an alarm in Sleep Focus. Fixed a bug that caused mindfulness sessions to break.

Apple Watch Ultra in wrist and desktop use

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How to get the watchOS9.2 update on your Apple Watch

To get started, you need to have iOS 16.2 or later installed on your iPhone and an Apple Watch that supports watchOS9. This will work for most people, but just for clarity, you'll need one of the models below to make it work:

  • apple watch series 4
  • apple watch series 5
  • Apple Watch SE
  • apple watch series 6
  • apple watch series 7
  • apple watch series 8
  • apple watch ultra

Make sure your Apple Watch is charged to 50% or more capacity and go to the Apple Watch app on your iPhone to start the update. Choose My Watch > General > Software Update to install it. Alternatively, if your watch is connected to WiFi, you can update directly on your watch by navigating through Settings > General > Software update.

Apple Watch running metrics are excellent, especially with watchOS9 bringing features like wrist running power, which can normally only be achieved with a heart rate monitor on other watches. However, at the time of writing, only the Apple Watch Ultra is on our list of the best running watches of all time.

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