This (*11*) 11 update is essential for PC gamers

This (*11*) 11 update is essential for PC gamers

Microsoft has released a new (*11*)11 update that PC gamers in particular should install as it fixes an annoying issue that was causing games to sometimes crash.

The update, known as KB5014668, is currently an optional update, meaning it won't install automatically. However, as reported by Bleeping Computer (opens in a new tab), it should be included in an automatic update next "Patch Tuesday", which will take place on July 12.

According to Microsoft in a release announcement (opens in a new tab) regarding the patch, this update "addresses an issue that prevents some games from working if they use certain audio technologies to play sound effects."

For PC gamers, any issue with (*11*) 11 causing your game to crash and become unresponsive is particularly annoying, so it's good to see Microsoft address a common complaint with this update, so if has experienced any crashes, it is worth installing. update as soon as possible. see if that fixes your problem.

The issue seemed to primarily affect people who use the XAudio API to play sounds.

Other fixes

The update also fixes an issue where updating to (*11*) 11 fails, as well as some Bluetooth connectivity issues.

It also introduces a new feature, but don't get too excited. Called "Search Highlights," it "features notable and interesting moments of what is special each day, such as holidays, birthdays, and other educational moments in time, both around the world and in your region.

To us, that sounds a bit like even more annoying icons and notifications on the taskbar. Hopefully, it turns out to be more useful than that, but we don't suggest rushing to download KB5014668 just for that.

How to download the update for (*11*) 11 KB5014668

Since this is an optional update, it will not be installed automatically. So, to install it manually, open the start menu and type "(*11*) Update" and press return on your keyboard.

Click "Check for updates" and you should see KB5014668 on the screen. Select it, then click "Download Now." (*11*) will take care of the rest.

If you don't want to bother with manual updates, you should get the update automatically on July 12. It may be worth waiting until then to make sure the issues with the update are fixed (hence why it's currently optional), but if you're a PC gamer unable to play due to this issue, the wait may be too long. .

Also, be sure to check out our (*11*) 11 troubleshooting guide for more help if you're having trouble with your operating system.