Director (*11*) Turning Red, Domee Shi, has revealed that she has mixed feelings about the exclusive (*11*) Disney Plus (*11*) release of the (*11*) Pixar film.

Speaking exclusively to TechRadar ahead of the anime's release on March 11 (*11*), Shi revealed that he had "a lot of emotions" when it was learned that Turning Red would not be released in theaters.

The movie (*11*) Pixar was originally scheduled to hit theaters (*11*) worldwide, before (*11*) coming to Disney Plus in the future. However, the rapid increase (*11*) of the Omicron (*11*) Covid-19 variant in late (*11*) 2021 caused Disney to make the decision (7 (*11*) January) (*11*) launch Turning Red on your platform (*11*) broadcast.

(*11*) Pixar employees were reportedly "shocked and disappointed" (per Insider) following the announcement. And that includes Shi and producer Lindsey Collins, who revealed their own feelings on the move.

Meilin Lee intenta quitarle el cuaderno a su madre en Turning Red de Pixar

Wait, you mean Turning Red isn't coming to theaters? (Credit (*11*) image: Studios (*11*) animation (*11*) Disney)

"You know, it's a lot of emotions," Shi said. “We made this movie with the intention (*11*) to see it on the big screen but, you know, it happens. With Covid, that seems to be the best possible way (*11*) to get the film to as many (*11*) eyes as possible in the world. «

"If we haven't learned anything else in the last two years, every time we think we can anticipate what the next two months will look like, we're wrong," Collins added. “Whatever the decision is, we knew we had to make it now. [in early January]. That time is needed to mobilize marketing, press and everything else.

"The last thing we wanted was to have something in the world, but no one could see it. We are happy (*11*) that Disney Plus is here because we don't know what we would have done without it. But it's always good that it sucks that I can't release this in theaters."

If it came out in 2/3 weeks I would understand this move because of Omicron. 8-10 weeks after launch when things should have gotten better? I think it would still go well in the theater. I also can't see Lightyear suffering a similar fate when he premieres in June #TurningRed (*11*) January (*11*) 2022

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Turning Red will become the third (*11*) Pixar film to debut exclusively on Disney Plus. The initial surge (*11*) of the pandemic in early (*11*) 2020 has not affected Onward, the film starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt, since its theatrical release, but its box office receipts have been significantly affected for the closure of (*11*) cinemas around the world due to the virus. . Following the pandemic and the closure of (*11*) theaters, Soul and Luca became the first (*11*) Pixar films to be released exclusively on the (*11*) Disney streamer, with both films arriving in December (*11*). *2020*) 11 and June (*2021*) XNUMX, respectively.

Pixar's upcoming (*11*) animated offering, Lightyear, starring Chris Evans as a real-life (*11*) version of the iconic Toy Story Space Ranger, will buck this recent trend and open exclusively in theaters on the 17th ( *11*) June. This will always be the case closest to (*11*) the output.

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