Ericsson and Oppo make a breakthrough in the division

Ericsson, Oppo and Qualcomm have all successfully trialled 5G enterprise network partitioning in a commercially available smartphone, paving the way for wider deployment of the technology.

Network outage is seen by operators as one of the biggest revenue opportunities for 5G stand-alone networks (5G SA) that use a fully virtualized, cloud-based core network and allows them to separate certain parts of the network for some applications.

Segments can be customized to guarantee a certain speed or latency, and to cover a particular location, allowing for industrial, broadcast, healthcare, and utility use cases. For example, one network segment might carry video traffic in a stadium, while another segment is reserved for security administrators.

Sliced ​​Ericsson Oppo 5G

While cutting is possible with LTE, 5G's ultra-fast speeds, higher capacity and ultra-low latency will support more advanced applications, while the cloud-based, software-defined networking core layer will enable the flexibility and automation to provision and manage any number of slices.

This particular test was carried out in Oppo's 5G communications lab and successfully demonstrated the partitioning of network and application traffic using Ericsson's network kit and Oppo Find X5 Pro phone running Android 12 with processor and processor technology. Qualcomm modem.

It's based on previous lab tests by various vendors and industry stakeholders, but using a business phone is an important step.

“5G network slicing enables enterprises to meet their needs for network security, reliability and flexibility,” said Monica Zethzon, Packet Core Solutions Area Manager, Software and Cloud Services Business Area, Ericsson. . “Created in partnership with Oppo and Qualcomm and underpinned by Ericsson's dual-mode 5G Core and 5G RAN Slicing technologies, this solution provides a foundation for CSPs to deliver more personalized 5G services to enterprises.

"Splitting the 5G enterprise network is the key to realizing differentiated 5G applications," added Xia Yang, senior director of Oppo's Carrier Product Line. “Oppo will leverage our strengths in innovation and collaboration across the technology ecosystem to advance the commercialization of 5G enterprise-grade slicer technology.

"Together with our partners, we will enable a wide range of OPPO product users to be the first to enjoy a personalized 5G connectivity experience."

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