Starfield appears to share many characteristics with the 2016 sci-fi survival game No Man's Sky (for better or worse), with both offering massive procedurally generated universes to explore via interstellar travel. But Bethesda's upcoming space RPG will miss out on a key feature of Hello Games' slow success: fluid spaceship piloting.

After revealing the first gameplay footage of Starfield on the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase, studio head Todd Howard spoke to IGN (opens in a new tab) about the game. During the chat, Howard said the team had tried implement many of the ideas. requested for the game, but that the ability to fly a starship from a planet's surface into space remained on the cutting room floor.

"People were asking, 'Can you fly the ship directly to the planet?'" Howard said. reality."

He went on to explain that the development time required to create such a feature was not justified. Leaving him allowed the team to focus their resources on other aspects of the game.

"If you're trying to spend a lot of time designing the intermission, like this transition, you're just spending a lot of time [on something] it's really not that important to the player," Howard said.

"So let's make sure it's cool when you're on the surface and cool when you're in space, and that those realities look and play as good as they can."

Planetside outages

A ship in Starfield

(Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

That Starfield doesn't let you jump into a spaceship and manually take off at the final frontier will be disappointing to some fans. The game was expected to match the scope of other space adventure games released in recent years.

No Man's Sky, in particular, has received high praise for immersing the player in its vast universe with minimal interruptions to gameplay. When you come across a planet in the belly of space, you can pilot your ship through its atmosphere, before sailing above it. surface and initiating a landing procedure to descend. No cutscenes or loading screens; the player retains full control.

It remains to be seen how the landing of the spaceship in Starfield will take place. Howard didn't elaborate on whether it will be an on-rails system, if there are landing maneuvers you need to control, or if that's completely out of your control, as the game jumps to the side view of the planet via a payload. screen.

However, piloting starships will not be completely absent from the game. The gameplay clip (opens in a new tab) released during Summer Game Fest showcased Starfield's starship dogfights, which allow you to blow up enemy starships as you move across the wide expanse. .

Elsewhere in the interview, Howard gave an update on Fallout 5.

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