Huawei has introduced a new device that combines two wearables, a smartwatch and wireless headphones, in an unlikely combination.

The not-so-creatively-named Huawei Watch Buds will give users all the benefits of a smartwatch, as it is a device that is both a watch and a fitness tracker, while also serving as a useful case for your headphones. When you want to listen to tunes, just lift the watch face and pull out the hidden buds inside.

While it's not the first such technology we've seen (Lance Ulanoff, our US editor verified something very similar in 2020), Huawei's brainchild is intriguing, coming from a more mainstream brand. Although we're not entirely convinced, it will find a place on our lists for the best wireless headphones or best smartwatches.

Never lose your wireless headphones again! They're on your smartwatch! Here are the Aipower Wearbuds. The smart watch is a case and a charger. €179. #CES2020 January 2020

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For starters, the earphones inside Huawei's Watch Buds seem somewhat basic. While we can't properly judge their capabilities without hearing them, they don't sound very big, which will limit their audio capabilities and functionality. We don't expect them to be capable of thumping bass, or to come with tools like active noise cancellation or particularly long battery life.

Also, we are skeptical that the watch itself is practical. Based on the posted images and videos, everything looks a bit bulky. It doesn't seem like the most comfortable device to wear on the wrist and it's certainly not something we want to wear while working out so we can keep track of our fitness goals. We are also concerned that the two-in-one approach will have a negative impact on overall usage time, as both devices will use the same limited battery power.

With that being said, we hope we don't have to wait too long before seeing this technology in action and being able to give it a proper judgement. Although Huawei imposed a last-minute delay on its winter 2022 product launch (it was supposed to be December 2), the video below suggests the device is ready to ship, but where it will be available and how much it will cost. has not yet been revealed. All we know is that our readers in the US will definitely miss the launch, as Huawei's new products are currently banned for sale.

However, if Huawei's Watch Buds prove popular, we wouldn't be surprised if their rivals followed suit. Google already has its separate Pixel Watch and Pixel Buds, and Apple has the Apple Watch and Apple AirPods, so we wouldn't be surprised to see these or other brands combine their existing hardware into a hybrid Huawei WatchBuds-like device.

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