An in-engine trailer for Dune Awakening was shown at The Game Awards, giving MMO fans their first taste of how the sci-fi epic will translate to the RPG format. It's being developed by the Age of Conan Funcom team, so it should be worth playing!

Whether you're a fan of the books or the movies, Dune Awakening is sure to expand, as the franchise isn't exactly known for its fast-paced. Note that the trailer footage we've seen is largely pre-alpha so things are rough around the edges, however there's no doubt that what's on display is Dune at its heart.

This announcement is just a sample of what we've seen from The Game Awards 2022 so far, so if you're not already online, we recommend keeping an eye out for new category winners and reveals. Everything we've seen so far certainly indicates that this show has some great games on it.

Dune Awakening pre-alpha trailer

Here's Dune Awakening's first official look at the game in its early days. Not much has been revealed other than the game world and plenty of desert lands to create.

Now there's more than sand here. We've also discovered some of the flying vehicles you'll be able to pilot in the game, as well as a hulking, fast-paced character who makes quite an impression despite his brief appearance. What will it be like when the players get their hands on this type of equipment and clothing? Well, that remains to be seen.

If you're a Dune fan, you'll definitely want to have this on your radar. With a sequel to last year's blockbuster epic slated for 2023 as well, next year is shaping up to be a great time to break into the series. If you've never seen the franchise, it's not too late; what was shown is certainly visually impressive.

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