After apparently referencing Jony Ive's lookbook, Pro-Ject has unveiled a limited-edition, all-white version of its mid-range Debut PRO turntable.

The original version of the Debut Pro from the Austrian company launched last year as a successor to its audiophile-friendly Project Debut Carbon Evo.

As with the original, the limited-edition Debut PRO features a precision aluminum tabletop with TPE cushioning and height-adjustable metal legs.

Other than the hiss-clean finish, the only major spec difference to the original satin black model is a pre-installed Ortofon 2M white cartridge instead of the red 2M.

In addition to pre-installing the cartridge, Pro-Ject also includes a dust cover and Pro-Ject Connect-IT E phono cable.

The limited edition Pro-Ject Debut PRO will go on sale later this month and is expected to cost €699 in the UK and €799 in Europe. The original was €999 in the US, so we expect the same for this release.

(Image credit: Pro-Ject)

Review: Debut Pro is all white with its retro Apple look

While Pro-ject may be celebrating its formation in the '90s with these limited-edition steel wheels, there's definitely a touch of '2000s-chic tech to this finish.

The minimalist design tempted us to associate it with Apple's ill-fated iPod Hi-Fi, but let's be honest: This turntable deserves better than to be prepared for this rumbling mess.

The original Debut Pro is a great piece of equipment, offering a stable and controlled sound, and this new look certainly gets our aesthetic stamp of approval. It's one thing for the best turntables to go for a bold color's a whole other matter for one to be literally all that color, arm and all. We'd love to have this around a simple piece of technological art, but that would be wasting its musical potential.

If you're not yet a vinyl veteran and about to buy your first turntables, check out our guide to setting up a turntable, which is sure to get you up to speed.

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