The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 could charge twice as much(*two*)

Based on leaks and rumours, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 will be getting all kinds of updates, and the last one we hear about is an improvement in charging speed, which could be twice as fast in the latest version alone. (*5*)

This is based on FCC (Federal Communications Commission) filings for a trio of wearables with model numbers tied to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line. Spotted by 9to5Google (opens in a new tab), these listings reveal 10 W of charging power, double the 5 W offered by the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 range.(*5*)

Now, in practice, that doesn't necessarily mean the watches will charge twice as fast, especially since leaks suggest the Galaxy Watch 5 lineup will also have bigger batteries, but it should definitely be a major level upgrade.(*5 *)

It is also very necessary because the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 takes almost two hours to fully charge, which is a long time to wait. Hopefully Samsung can get that down to around an hour here, which, while still slower than some modern devices, would be much better.(*5*)

If Samsung doesn't up the charging power, we could see a full charge take more than two hours on these new watches, given the possibly larger batteries. This is especially true of the rumored Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro which comes with a massive battery, by smartwatch standards, of 572 mAh.(*5*)

So with that in mind, it would be almost strange if Samsung didn't increase the charging speed this year.(*5*)

The FCC listings don't reveal much else, though they do mention unsurprising things like the presence of Wear OS, Bluetooth, and NFC. But the fact that these listings exist suggests that the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 lineup is on track to launch, which coincides with leaks pointing to August.(*5*)

Analysis: fixed the biggest bug of the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 line could solve the biggest problem we had with the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, which is battery life.(*5*)

While we found the standard Watch 4 to last quite a long time in our tests, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic's endurance was horrible.(*5*)

But speaking of bigger batteries in the Watch 5 lineup, there's hope that Samsung doesn't make the same mistake twice. And now that it looks like batteries will charge faster too, that means hopefully all battery hassles will go away. Hopefully, these portable devices won't need to be charged too often, and when they do, they won't take long to charge. up.(*5*)

Hopefully this could give them a great chance to top our list of the best smartwatches.(*5*)

Via The Verge (Opens in a new tab)(*5*)

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