The Samsung Galaxy S22 could come with a valuable free gift

The Samsung Galaxy S22 could come with a valuable free gift

Samsung frequently gives away freebies with its more expensive phones and tablets, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 lineup seems to be no caveat, with an initial list of stores suggesting the phones could come with Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro.

That's according to a Polish site discovered by TechInsider, which also offers credit if you trade in your old phone. Supposedly, this offer is free with the Galaxy S22, Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus, and Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, but only if you pre-order.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro retail for €4 / €XNUMX / AU$XNUMX, making them unaffordable and decent earbuds, as our XNUMX-star review attests. Of course, the list (which has now been removed) may be inaccurate or other areas may have different pre-order benefits.

In any case, the listing also lists a February 22 launch date for the Samsung Galaxy S2 Ultra, with the other 3 models listed for March XNUMX, while pre-orders for all XNUMX appear to open on February XNUMX. . information we have heard from other sources.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Actual Box Leaked! 👀 6, 2022

More information

Elsewhere, a leaker known as lanzk used Naver (a S. Korea weblog site) to post an image of what is alleged to be the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra retail box.

The same source also posted a photo of what appears to be the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra on display in a store. The images, which have been shared most extensively by @sondesix, don't show us much we haven't seen before, but this latest one offers another look at that notch of its own.

We'd say those are clear signs that the devices are going to be on sale soon, except we don't need those signs since we know Samsung has a big event planned for February XNUMX where they're almost certain to be announced.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro

The Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (Image credit: Future)

Analysis: A Reasonable Pre-Order Advantage

If all 3 Samsung Galaxy S22 models do come with a pair of Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro, that's a solid bonus, but nothing unusual by Samsung standards.

If you've pre-ordered the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra in the UK you can also get a free pair, and they were a new release at the time when they're now a year old, so this deal had this nonetheless the 2 More affordable S21 models came with the cheaper Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

But as noted, pre-order freebies can change by region, as they often do, and the fact that all 3 supposedly ship with Buds Pro is a mild red flag, while we're hoping the Ultra gets a advance order gift than the other. 2 models

Either way, it seems likely that pre-orders will open on February XNUMX, so you need to know for sure what extras Samsung will release soon.

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