Among Us VR, a first-person take on the hit 2018 game exclusively for VR headsets, will feature proximity chat for players to discuss who they think the impostor is outside of meetings. The information has just been revealed by the latest trailer for the game.

If you played the original game on PC, smartphone, or console, you'll know that while the in-game chat option is fine, playing with friends using voice chat is a far superior experience.

Having to claim your innocence on a Discord call adds a layer of immersion to Among Us, and being able to prank and just chat normally is much more fun than text chatting. But this Discord setup isn't flawless, it's too easy to leak vital information like accidentally revealing your killer as a ghost.

Mods like CrewLink have tried to improve the situation, introducing proximity chat and automatically disabling ghosts for living players, but it's only available on PC and not all of them have easy-to-install external plugins.

Schell Games decided to cut out the middle man with Among Us VR and integrated voice chat into the game.

In our interview with Among Us VR project manager Mike Traficante, he explained that voice chat makes a lot of sense in VR.

A hand about to press the button in Among Us VR

You no longer need to call an emergency meeting to talk to your teammates (Image credit: Schell Games / Innersloth / Robot Teddy)

“Among Us is playing very well and we didn't want to alter the gameplay too much, but one big difference right away in VR is that your 360-degree view has been limited to maybe 45 degrees. I don't remember exactly how much, but that's a very different amount of information you have to work with.

Voice chat, and in particular proximity chat between meetings, feeds some of this information back to players, allowing them to hear the world around them as they explore The Skeld. But it also gives them new strategies to eradicate impostors.

“With voice chat, you can coordinate with people between meetings, which is very different from what gamers are used to, right? So you can say something like, 'Hey, I'm about to go to the infirmary and scan, come on. and watch me” and then people can go see how the scanner checks you.

But imposters will also benefit from voice chat. They can lie in wait and hear unsuspecting teammates passing by before falling down a vent.

An impostor hides in a vent in Among Us VR

Be careful what you say in an impostor vent (Image credit: Schell Games/Innersloth/Robot Teddy)

However, the feature could also help catch imposters. Mike warned us that while impostors become invisible while hiding inside an air duct, they won't be silenced. Whether you laugh at a teammate's joke while waiting for the perfect moment to attack, or enjoy rehearsing your evil plans out loud, you'll be caught off guard.

Among Us VR will be released during "Holiday 2022" (read November 2022 to January 2023) and will be available on both Meta Quest (opens in a new tab) and Steam platforms (as well as PSVR 2 when released). throw). helmet) . Players will be able to play and chat in all VR versions of the game, regardless of which headset they are wearing.

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