The new Epson Pro Cinema 4K PRO-UHD LS12000 laser projector has specs that could make it a great display for your PS5 or Xbox Series X/S consoles. This is because it is equipped with two HDMI 2.1 ports that can support gaming at 4K resolution up to 120fps.

As reported by Engadget (opens in a new tab), Epson's new projector features pixel-shift technology that helps restore 4K detail lost as a result of the company's use of a bespoke three-chip LCD system. the company.

Previously, this system was a compromise, as it allowed Epson projectors to eliminate that annoying "rainbow" effect that blurs the image of many single-chip DLP projectors. Now, however, Epson's pixel shift technology seems to solve the drawbacks of this compensation entirely.

Pixel Shift technology (officially called "Precision Shift Glass Plate Technology" by Epson) solves the problem by literally shifting the pixels on the projector's 1920 x 1080 LCD screens. This, coupled with a high refresh rate, precisely pushes the pixels to 3840 x 2160 (or 4K) resolution, solving the cost of detail due to eliminating that annoying rainbow effect.

A perfect projector to play?

So where does the game come from? Thanks to Epson's pixel shift technology, a more accurate and detailed 4K image can be displayed on the projector. That, coupled with a 120Hz refresh rate offered by the HDMI 2.1 input, and you have a projector that could very well deliver a more optimal gaming experience on most mainstream 4K TVs.

Additionally, the projector's light source produces 2.700 lumens and lasts approximately 20.000 hours. Such light output should make the projector suitable for a wider range of environments. This brightness is also especially welcome, considering that the projector also supports HDR10, HDR10+ and HLG formats.

The new Epson Pro Cinema 4K PRO-UHD LS12000 Laser Projector sounds like a perfect match for gamers, but the big caveat is that the projector is far from cheap. It'll set you back £5,000 (around £3,690 / AU$6,970), which is still more affordable than many of the best 4K projectors you can buy, like Samsung's The Premiere.

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