Elden Ring data miner restores the line

It's no wonder a big game like Elden Ring has significant content cut, and a modder has just restored a previously removed questline for a key NPC.

YouTuber Sekiro Dubi is a well-known figure in Elden Ring circles. Having previously discovered a deleted dialogue for Miriel, a deleted questline for Vyke, and more, his latest discovery focuses on the trader Kalé. One of the first NPCs encountered in the game, he was seen around Elleh's Church, but we now know that he once played a much bigger role.

Appearing in a cut final quest chain, we would have seen the nomadic trader Kalé moving around the map after fighting Godrick. It presents some intriguing hints about the lore of the Elden Ring. You can see this mission in action alone.

Just be aware that this video contains major endgame spoilers for Elden Ring.:

Kalé's search focuses on finding the Great Caravan, a land linked to the origins of these nomadic merchants. After meeting him in various places, we arrive at the Subterranean Shunning Grounds, which is littered with corpses. This would have revealed that they were Kalé's own people, cruelly beaten by the Three Fingers, leaving him furious. It's a depressing story, which would have confirmed a previously mentioned link between the two mysterious groups.

A treasure trove of clipped content

It's no secret that content is often cut when developing a video game. Sometimes this is necessary to get the oscilloscope under control, or perhaps a feature no longer fits the mold. Over the years, dataminers have uncovered endless amounts of content cut from Dark Souls, so it's no surprise that it's happening again with Elden Ring.

In April, modder Lance McDonald mined data from the November 2021 Elden Ring network test build and found that he was originally able to get NPCs drunk. Once drunk, the NPCs would share secrets with you. Also, last month, Twitter user JesterPatches uncovered abandoned plans for a potential weapon and armor durability system.

As for what's to come, FromSoftware has yet to officially confirm any plans for post-launch content. Though he secretly changed the Elden Ring map between updates, dataminers may have discovered the first Elden Ring DLC ​​back in March, which seems to provide a colosseum for PvP battles. Hopefully we know more soon.

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