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An Elden Ring player has discovered a secret Colosseum on the edge of the game's map, leading players to speculate about future DLC and a possible competitive multiplayer expansion.

Data miner and live streamer Lance McDonald discovered the unused arena by walking through a large inaccessible building on the northern edge of the Elden Ring starting area, Limgrave (thanks, VGC). Inside they found what appears to be a large amphitheater, the kind one would expect to host bloody duels between gladiators.

While players have already timed the circular building stuck on the edge of the map and tried to find a way to get inside, it still doesn't seem accessible. If you try to approach the building in the game, you will find the doors locked and a ghostly warrior collapsed outside.

If you talk to the warrior, he will tell you: “All I wanted was to fight, as a warrior, to the end… So why? Why, oh guide of grace, does this door not open?

This dialogue, combined within the building in the Colosseum, has many players speculating that PvP-focused DLC is coming to the Elden Ring in the future. Using the arena, players could soon face off in multiplayer duels.

The Limgrave Building doesn't appear to be the only arena on the map. Players have found similar-looking circular buildings dotted around The Lands Between, which may also have fighting pits inside.

Check out the Secret Coliseum below in the McDonald's video below.

Analysis: is a PvP arena possible?

FromSoftware has not officially revealed any plans for the release of the Elden Ring DLC, but we expect expansions to appear in the future. All three Dark Souls received post-launch content, including multiplayer PvP arenas that allow players to compete in one-on-one and team battles.

These arenas were added as part of the paid DLC, so we're expecting a similar deal here. As an open world game with a huge and varied map, Elden Ring is well suited to expansions, which can add more areas to explore, bosses to defeat, and items to collect. Much like Dark Souls 3, we're hoping that one of these future expansions will unlock arenas that are currently empty in the main game.

It is unknown when the first Elden Ring DLC ​​will appear. Dark Souls 3's first expansion was released about six months after the base game, so a similar time frame could apply to Elden Ring. The popularity and commercial success of the game, which made it the biggest video game launch in the UK since Call of Duty: Vanguard last year, will encourage publisher Bandai Namco Entertainment to release additional content.

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