If you have a Sonos sound system and an iPhone 14, you can now take advantage of Trueplay's automatic tuning to get the most out of your speakers.

Using the Sonos app on a compatible Apple device, including most of the best iPhones, the best iPads, and the best MacBooks and Macs, users can adjust the sound from their speaker to optimize it for the room. The process takes a few minutes and involves holding your device in various places around the room while you analyze the sound coming from your speaker.

Until recently, the iPhone 14 range was not supported; however, a recent update to Sonos' official list of compatible devices (opens in a new tab) reveals that newer Apple phones now work with Trueplay. Unfortunately, several generations of iPad Pro tablets, including the 2022-inch iPad Pro (12,9) and the more recent 2022-inch iPad Pro (11), remain incompatible with Trueplay.

To get started with Trueplay, make sure your Sonos app and system operating system are updated to the latest versions, open the Settings menu in the Sonos app, and then go to System. Here, tap on the speaker you want to tune to and select the option to use Trueplay to optimize your sound.

A whole range of Sonos speakers can take advantage of Trueplay (Image credit: Sonos)

Is there an alternative to Sonos Trueplay?

Trueplay is a useful tool to help set up products like the Sonos One, Sonos Arc, and even IKEA/Sonos collaboration products like the Symfonisk photo frame and the new floor lamp speaker. However, you don't need to use Trueplay to get great sound out of your setup.

Whether you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use the Sonos app's manual equalizer settings to fine-tune your speaker's audio performance, adjusting bass and treble to your preference.

Although not as simple as the automatic process, this manual configuration has some advantages. On the one hand, you can create the sound you prefer; Trueplay may cause audio to sound too low or not provide enough bass for your liking. Also, if you have multiple Sonos speakers, you can use the manual setting to boost the bass on booming speakers like the Sonos Sub, then have other devices focus on the treble in the room to create a fuller soundstage in your room. your speaker system.

For us, the best way to set up your Sonos speakers is somewhere in between. We suggest using Trueplay to do most of the heavy lifting and then adjusting your settings with the manual EQ controls.

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