If you've used Google today, you may have noticed that Google Doodle is all about gaming, highlighting Gerald (Jerry) Lawson – the father of video game cartridges.

I love a good Google Doodle, especially an interactive one. There's no better way to take time off work than to do some Doodle games in between quests. However, this time, as a tribute to Jerry Lawson, you can create your own.

Instead of one game, you are presented with five models based on iconic retro cartridges, such as Pong and Space Invaders. From there, you can play it in its standard version or add your own twist to it, adding new enemies and blocks, or changing the style.

The man behind the cartridge

Beginning his career in electronics, Lawson was fixing televisions to earn some money at the age of 13. Lawson was then hired by Fairchild, where he worked as lead hardware engineer and created the Fairchild Channel F console and pause button. Both creations would change the video game industry forever.

While at Fairchild, Lawson was one of only two black members of the Homebrew Computer Club. This group of computer enthusiasts had quite an impressive roster, including Apple founders Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

doodle home screen

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star power

Jerry Lawson may not be a household name, but for video game enthusiasts it should be. While the Fairchild Channel F console didn't take off, its design inspired Atari, which used its cartridge approach for the Atari 2600, released in 1977. This would later popularize the use of cartridges in games, making consoles a possibility after this technology. . he traveled quickly through the market.

Without Lawson's commitment to comfort and a love of gaming, we may not have the same consoles and cartridges we use today. To think that I missed out on the joy of piling up all my Gameboy and Nintendo Lite game cartridges and arranging them in a way that they form a rainbow on my shelf makes me shudder.

So the next time you're playing your dusty video games or hitting the pause button to take a breather and grab some snacks, you need to remember Jerry Lawson and all he did for them.

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